Ascent Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) 1.4.60

Updated 19/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameAscent Hero APK
PublisherZen Stone
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Ascent Hero MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency ( Gem, Gold, Energy ) – Can use even when not enough, increase instead of decrease
3. God Mode
4. Faster Move Speed

Introduce MOD APK Ascent Hero

Ascent Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) is a third-person shooter action game with unique roguelike gameplay. Currently, on the market, many shooting games combine roguelike gameplay. Therefore, we first need to know what makes this new game different. Players will become robots on their way to completing a mission to protect the universe. Your enemies are also other robots created for invasion. With weapons in hand, with strategic thinking, the fate of the planets is in your hands. Enemies after each level will gradually increase in number and constantly rush to your position. Be careful.

Although it is a game that takes shooting as the central theme, Ascent Hero APK mod does not cause obsession. With highly advanced 3D graphics technology, the explosions are fully animated. The animation here means that elements of gore and violence have been reduced. That’s why suffocation is constantly happening, but the feeling of fear doesn’t exist. Ascent Hero offers roguelike mechanics, so it’s not an easy game to master. The roguelike mechanism creates unpredictability along with various battle scenarios. One thing is for sure; you can hardly predict the next level. Unique, unscripted surprise.

Ascent Hero apk free

Download Ascent Hero mod – Save the universe

Shooting games have now become part of popular culture. They all have enough drama for players to remember the game’s name. And because of that drama, many people think that shooters are often antagonistic. In the minds of many individuals, battlefields with warriors lie down continuously. However, withAscent Hero APK 1.4.60, those individuals will have to change the perception that it is too old. Ascent Hero is a vertical screen game that players can enjoy with just one hand. With the tutorial screen appearing at the beginning, you will quickly get used to how to play. Weapons will automatically fire bullets; the critical thing to do is move, and find the right angle of fire. When the enemy is destroyed, the experience you will receive will help the character level up. With enough experience, the power-ups will appear very randomly.

Ascent Hero mod

Weapons with various functions

A shooting game must have a large number of weapons. Each gun in Ascent Hero MOD APK always has unique looks, properties, and functions. Along with that are the stats that no gun is the same as any other. Because there are so many guns to choose from, players need to weigh their finances properly. Don’t forget the old weapon just because you see a gun with an impressive starting index. Weapons are your companions in every battle, so use them and cherish them. The first gun that the player can own is called the Assault Rifle. Starting stats of 290 damage, 8 attack speed, and 14 range. At first glance, these stats seem pretty poor, but until the upgrade, the difference will appear. Level 22, the gun has more than 1000 damage, which is enough to destroy all enemies.

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Build your index

Besides weapons, the stats of auxiliary items dropped during the game are also vital. Ascent Hero has a lot of add-ons and different levels of upgrades for players. Before starting each game screen, gamers can choose the most optimal stats. And after finishing the level, use gold or diamonds to enhance those stats. Players have enough defense and attack stats to create a balance. With defensive stats, there are always familiar and indispensable aspects. Players can increase their passive health before the start of the match, increasing their armor. Also can increase damage and attack speed.

Ascent Hero mod apk

Unpredictable developments

Because it is a game with roguelike gameplay, Ascent Hero does not design any scenario play. With roguelike, any situation can happen to the player and is unpredictable. Two random words appear in many aspects of the game, the most obvious being the battlefield. The appearance sequence of the battlefields is constantly changing, so players must adapt. And because the game screen is different, the number and type of enemies are also different. The enemy may be few, maybe many, may be strong, may be weak, and many situations take place. Randomness also accompanies the add-ons that appear throughout the game. Add-ins appear random and unpredictable.

Ascent Hero android

Ascent Hero is an action game combining gameplay, weapons, and add-ons. Along with the battles is the music that constantly stimulates the spirit of gamers. Download Ascent Hero mod to become a brave robot, wield weapons, collect items and protect the universe.

How to Download & Install Ascent Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) for Android


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