Smart Drawer MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 1.0.3

Updated 11/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSmart Drawer APK
PublisherSmart Launcher Team
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Smart Drawer

To be able to work effectively on the device, we need to arrange the application properly. Everyone can do this using the Smart Drawer app. It will allow you to place all the apps on your phone in a specific sequence. Create an innovative and efficient working environment for anyone who needs it. Quickly find the apps you want when it matters. Optimize daily operations.

Smart Drawer is an application designed according to the personalization category for users. It contains the necessary themes to optimize the specified devices. With its convenient effects, it is suitable for individuals who want to have the perfect arrangement. Or simply those who want to tidy up their phone. Bringing convenience is not less with available intelligent operations. Take care of your device in a style of its own.

Smart Drawer mod

Download Smart Drawer mod – Manage applications effectively

Regular phone use can be tedious and inefficient, especially for having to spend some time searching for the application you need. We need to overcome these limitations thoroughly with Smart Drawer. It will allow users to create a lot of different drawers. You have to name these drawers and include them in themed apps. Classify related things by name or nature. This would be like rearranging a closet full of clothes. Smart Drawer will make the process easier and smarter to use.

Automatic sorting

This is the leading, and most helpful feature Smart Drawer can bring to you. With this feature, you can issue classification requests for multiple purposes. Use the search bar to search by the first letters the application will have. Or you can search by other categories such as games, documents, social networks or videos. All the folder drawers that you set up earlier are available. Quickly locate an application with just a few simple taps. You were no more wasting time searching by the app’s shape if it’s cluttered. Everything is fully automated for the owner.

Smart Drawer mod apk

Customize drawers

In one Drawer, you can add all the apps you want to it. We can customize this Drawer to suit our actual needs. If something is wrong or doesn’t make sense, it can be corrected immediately by replacing apps, customizing their location or giving them a different name. If your device has too many things, it is possible to create multiple drawers according to specific classification. There is no limit to how many you can add to the manager. It matches all the themes currently on the device and does not cause any conflicts. Make the appliance tidy.

App Security

Smart Drawer not only organizes and categorizes but also secures the applications on your phone. Expressly, when activating the security feature, you will be set up a password with any characters. This password can be used for multiple applications at the same time or set separately for each. Once set up, you will have to enter a password every time you need to access a particular application. This may cause us a bit of inconvenience, but the benefits are enormous. It is possible to protect the personal information contained therein in absolute safety. Prevent bad behaviour from happening.

Use Gestures

Do you want to open drawers in a new and more memorable way? If desired, start Smart Drawer, go to general options, and select activate gestures. With this feature, you will use any motion to access the Drawer you want. For example, you were pinching two fingers simultaneously, swiping or tapping in a particular pattern. It will help you activate a drawer more quickly and save a small amount of time. Create a modern and magical feeling every time you use the device. If you still love the classic, you can also skip this feature. But give it a try, maybe you will love it?

There’s nothing better than when your phone can be neat and safe. Smart Drawer will make it like an intelligent factory. Manage everything your way and stay proactive in quick search tasks.

How to Download & Install Smart Drawer MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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