Slender Insane MOD APK 1.7 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameSlender Insane APK
PublisherEnax Games
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Slender Insane is a horror game from the most perspective combined with the context of the scary slenderman title. Players are taken to a magical space with many mysteries waiting ahead. The context is simulated as close to the slenderman story as possible. Players are transformed into characters in the story. In a dark labyrinth hidden underground, there are huge monsters waiting for you. Players will fight with the common zombies, then meet the mighty slenderman. The tycoon is behind all the mysteries that surround your life. Protect yourself and find your way out of the dark underground labyrinth.

The boss of Slender Insane hatched an illusion of domination and turned all creatures in the world into zombies. If you are familiar with horror and escape games, this must be a familiar name. To destroy and assimilate humanity, slenderman needs a large arsenal of weapons. The place containing the most advanced weapons is the labyrinth that you need to pass. You also need to prevent the enemy from accessing this advanced arsenal. There seem to have been direct warnings about the difficulty you are about to face. Yang the powerful gun and fires bullets at the enemy in front.

Slender Insane mod apk

Download Slender Insane mod – Discover the mystery where the dungeon is guarded by slenderman’s servant

You enter the dark dungeon alone, without a partner or companion. This place is a haven for evil forces with brutal thoughts. Those are the zombies who want to corrupt humanity and turn humans into their comrades. The opening game shows you how to approach the game. Before entering the tunnel, you need to know who your enemies are and what they look like. He almost looked like a tall, skinny skeleton. Wearing a black suit, his face was white with no eyes, nose, or mouth. Choose for yourself the most common type of gun. After completing the setup, embark on a life-and-death battle right away.

Slender Insane mod

Weapon Use

As mentioned above, the player is selected and equipped with a pistol used to destroy enemies. This gun is equipped with specialized bullets that can kill zombies. Facing a ferocious enemy means having equipment attached. However, there are only two types of firearms, pistols and shotguns. Once you’ve set up your desired gun, let’s take a quick look at its uses and information. Players can use them to deal damage to enemies in front of them. The focus of the gun will appear on the screen to help you determine the firing position. Choose the weakest part of the enemy to shorten the time and save bullets for the player.

Slender Insane apk

Escape from the labyrinth

The place where the escape took place was a labyrinth in a dark dungeon. A topographic map is presented to the player. Based on that, you can easily judge the direction of movement in the dungeon. Although the process was done entirely in the dungeon and there wasn’t much light. But the landscape is constantly changing and varied. The flickering light and the dark scene make it difficult for you to escape. The enemy is more convenient in hiding. Surely abandoned walls or scrap yards will be suitable for you as a barrier. Avoid the eyes of the enemy and minimize the detection of hiding places.

Slender Insane apk free

Shooting Maneuver

Actions are located in the right corner of the screen. Controls include scope, bullet, jump, hand and reverse button. The scope is used to determine the weak point of the target. Then use the bullet-shaped button to shoot at predetermined points. To move, just swipe on the screen to the place you want to go. After each zombie falls, you will receive ammo energy. Collect enough energy to finish a level. If the zombies come close, you must run away or shoot them down. When ghosts reach you, you will be completed and start the level from the beginning.

Slender Insane android

The escape game combines fresh shooting, the harmony is surprisingly suitable. Suppose you have been bored by puzzle or escape horror games. Slender Insane is an option that satisfies shooting enthusiasts in a suspenseful and tense setting. Facing the boss, slenderman blundering, walking as light as the wind. Easy-to-access operation, creepy scene. Explosions and fires attract the attention of players and bosses. Download Slender Insane mod step by step, kill the zombies and slenderman loss and escape from the dark dungeon.

Download Slender Insane MOD APK (God mode/Dumb enemy) for Android

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