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Updated 17/07/2022 (2 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Skip Ads

Are you annoyed when ads constantly appear everywhere and interfere with your smartphone experience? It’s time to use Skip Ads as an indispensable tool. Based on today’s most perfect process, Skip Ads will help you bypass the discomfort you have been suffering for so long. Advertising is always an obsession for users, including any application or social network. Everywhere we can see ads flooding. There is no way to get them out specifically. But you will skip them faster if you use Skip Ads.

By a particular method that very few applications can deploy. Skip Ads will reduce the time you wait to skip ads to as low as possible. Previously it took you 5 to 10 seconds to remove ads. When using Skip Ads, it will only take you 1 second. Although it is 1 second, it has saved a lot of your experience time. With just one tap, you can change the ad’s playback speed. They will pass faster, so you can ignore them more quickly.

Skip Ads mod

Download Skip Ads mod – Skip ads quickly and save time

Using Skip Ads will not be as complicated as you think. Even just encapsulated in 3 straightforward steps. First, you access the application, then play any video on another application. Swipe in from the left edge of the screen to bring up the panel. This is the important thing that determines the playback speed of the video. When you select the playback speed, it will be applied immediately to the video you have played. Even if there is an advertisement, its playback speed will still use. That’s why a typical ad takes 10-20 seconds to skip. Now it only takes 1/10 of the time to ignore them. Applies to all applications that play video or in-game ads.

Skip Ads mod apk

Main playback speed

This is the crucial thing and the core of the Skip Ads application. It appears immediately on the controller that you swiped left to activate. There are different fast and slow speeds, the lowest is x0.25, and the highest is x2. So it is very convenient to use for many purposes. When you want to skip ads quickly, you need a quick button. But sometimes you’re following an exercise on video, but everything appears and moves so fast that you can’t keep up. Change their playback speed to slow down so you can follow the most information. We can see the convenience and versatility of changing video playback speed.

Skip Ads mod apk free

Close the video immediately

If you feel even lazier to press the skip ad button, why not let Skip Ads do this for you. Once the acceleration and the skip ad button appear, use the auto-close function to jump into the video you want to watch immediately. Or in the case where ads appear in the game. It will automatically close for you to continue your game experience when the time is up. There’s no need to do another ad closing. Skip Ads gives you all the tools so that ads can’t bother you for a second. Just save time watching videos and quickly absorb a lot of important information. The most annoying thing is that the ad will not appear.

Skip Ads mod free

Play in top quality

It continued to be a determining factor in the viewer’s comfort when enjoying the video. If your internet speed is still stable, but the video quality is low, it is a disaster. No one wants to watch along and low-quality video. Skip Ads will solve this problem for you. Select change video quality to increase resolution. If the video doesn’t support upscaling, it’s the original video. Feel free to customize to high and low quality. Of course, most people will want to experience the best speed and quality of the video already. So if the video you are watching is too blurry, don’t forget to use Skip Ads to fix the problem.

Skip Ads free

Provide all necessary tools to avoid annoying users. Remove ads from any platform at the fastest speed. Reserve space for high-quality and high-resolution videos. Skip Ads is the application that you should have on your smartphone at the moment. An era where anything can be advertised. Skip Ads mod will appear as perfect salvation for you. Saving you dozens of times when experiencing videos. Skip ads quickly and accurately.

How to Download & Install Skip Ads APK for Android


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Android user
Android user
1 year ago

Terrible – makes you jump through access hoops just to tell you they’ve changed apps to auto optimizer pro so go download a diff app – could have told me sooner!

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