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Updated 21/11/2021 (2 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Compass 54

From its inception to the present time, the compass is still one of the scientists’ most commonly used tools. A compass simulation application called Compass 54 has simulated a compass in quite a detail. This application can be used for the scientific work of many amateur scientists. There are many jobs where the compass comes into play. It can include navigation, geography, determining direction … So if you forget them, it is a disastrous incident. That’s why we have the appearance of Compass 54.

Acting like an accurate compass, Compass 54 gives you plenty of tools to navigate. Based on the position of the sun and various factors. Use astronomical algorithms to provide the most accurate placement. Making it precise surprisingly compared to a regular compass. However, it is only relative, common in the average scientific research work. In addition to determining the direction, it is also used to find the fastest way.

Compass 54 mod

Download Compass 54 mod – Virtual compass with full functions

Of course, it is used to determine direction. Tell us clearly which direction is East, West, South, North. In addition, it also displays critical marginal indicators such as geographic location, altitude, user’s current speed, magnetic field, barometric pressure… So we can see beyond the essential tools. Compass 54 can be used for experimental work. However, its limitation is that it does not display parameters professionally. However, that is more than enough for the most critical jobs.

A glance at the compasses, you can see that they are pretty detailed and a bit confusing. But if you have enough knowledge of the compass, you will understand the details. What the accurate compass doesn’t have compared to the Compass 54 is the well-executed features on the smartphone screen. Make it more convenient than carrying a lot of tools together to do experiments. There are five different items for you to choose from based on the function of the compass. The most important thing that makes it so handy is that you can take a picture of it at any time.

Compass 54 mod apk

Compass display clearly

No more using magnetism and metal to determine direction. Compass 54 has been equipped with intelligent technology that makes it possible to recognize demands automatically. However, one condition is that your smartphone is equipped with GPS. This is not too difficult as most phones these days have. The compass shows the clock moving in the required direction at any time. When you rotate your smartphone, the compass will also rotate very realistically. In addition to the angle and focus, it also shows the current temperature at your location. Corresponding elevation or nearby residential places.

Compass 54 mod apk free

Impressive world map

The map of the whole Earth is fully integrated into this compass application. So anyone anywhere in the world can use it conveniently. First of all, it will tell you exactly what time it is in the exact location you are standing in. Next is the most accurate position connected to the GPS satellite in space. From there, you can find out the sites related to the residential area. The destination you want to go to. It’s so convenient that you can use it instead of a map app. Depending on the weather in that area, it will notify you. Avoid potential natural hazards.

Super magnifying camera

The Compass 54 has a camera with up to 30x magnification from large to small. This is an excellent tool for you to observe many suitable locations. Especially when you are in a forest or an empty road and don’t know which direction to go from. Setting direction is not enough, and you also have to find the right location to move there. Otherwise, you will get caught in traps or dangerous animal habitats. After taking a photo, you can stamp its location on the map. Very convenient for you to come back at any time.

Compass 54 free

Up to the present time, the compass is still a vital thing for people. More than just directional, it helps us know where to go and where not to go. All of this can be dangerous if you are careless or go wrong for only a short distance. Compass 54 mod was born to prevent such cases. Do not hesitate about a virtual device because it is equipped with all the most innovative technology.

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