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Turn-based games always tend to hit tactics and gacha. Plus many weapons and powers are almost limitless and appear a lot. But perhaps this will not apply to SINoALICE. This game will be specific and detailed about the plot. So that players can feel the emotions and stories deeply. Simultaneously intertwine in fierce battles with strange entities. In order to solve the outstanding problems in the characters that cannot be removed. We can only face it and deal with it, never get rid of it.

Welcome to the “Library”, which is a collection of stories about girls from all over the world. The girls will fight with each other to solve their desires in the most suitable way. It is fighting against the evil and greed in each person. By using the battle formation of girls. Combine powers together to defeat that evil. Make every wish come true. As well as completing the treasure inside the “Library”.


Download SINoALICE – Defeat your own evil desires

By accessing the treasure of the “Library”. You will witness and face first-hand the stories of the girls. Forked by different chapters and events. Each of those events is a battle in the journey to find yourself again. You will choose your squad is the girls. Let’s go into those stories together and fight. Fight the army of monsters. They represent the evil side that creeps into each girl’s personality. It can be said that it is their own evil part. And you will have to solve all the problems of each person to find the final ending.

Each girl has her own power. Based on one’s lust and evil character. They will be realized by physical, magical, spiritual powers… You can also develop them with items suitable for each person’s strength. It is important to coordinate the characters in a battle to handle monsters quickly. At the same time, the stories will branch off at your own discretion.

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The weapons and the deep story behind it

It seemed that weapons only brought strength to the character. For role-playing games, it is all the same, weapons are nothing more than a tool. Just pure inanimate service. But in SINoALICE, the developer has brought to life the stories behind the emotions. Follow each line in the story of the weapons. To feel their past and circumstances to build strength. You must match the right weapons with the girls so that they bring out their greatest power. To find the answer to this journey of self-discovery.

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Stories of mysterious characters

And where did these girls come from? What happened to them to possess such desire? What is their real purpose? We can learn them through the stories told in the flashback. Battles with monsters or their roles in battle. They will become more and more evident as we open up to their own desires. Learn about the girls’ past, you will be surprised when they are prepared very emotionally. Because this is the battlefield and those extreme desires will happen at any moment.

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Accompany your friends and the arena

In addition to the main plot of the game. You can invite your friends to participate in PvP arenas. Coming from all over the world are players who possess extremely strong characters. And the size of the matches is up to 15 people per faction. We will see many of the smartest and most beautiful battles. Mainly comes from the inherent skills and magical handling of veteran players. Enjoy this multiplayer arena mark and become one of the strongest.

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Anime graphics and character design are probably the first plus point for SINoALICE. The characters have their own different stories that are very emotional and colorful. How to play is also clearly popular, not too complicated for newbies. Only with skills, you still have to learn and master it yourself. Because it is not only about fighting but also stories of tragedy, happiness,… SINoALICE mod is a good candidate for the title of one of the best storytelling strategy games. Immerse yourself in the emotions and erase the evil desires in each person.

How to Download & Install SINoALICE APK for Android


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