Simulator Perang Sarung 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 18

Updated 01/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameSimulator Perang Sarung 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Simulator Perang Sarung 3D

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is where you can explore and experience 3D battlefields. You will participate in an exciting game where you fight with many opponents. They are savage boys living in a village called Happiness. At their age, they are very rebellious and willing to do anything to have fun. So, you will become a child who fights, intending to take them down. By using weapons, you can confront the children and make them submit. Get ready for battles against opponents who are the most stubborn children.

In 3D battles, you will control a character with magical powers. And that will be the person who helps you perform fighting moves to confront the enemy. They appear like children living in the same village but are very rebellious. So you will hold your sarongs to confront and defeat them. By participating in simulated battles, you will get happy feelings. And you will also discover activities in the month of Ramadhan with many events. Start actions in the sunny village and prove your fighting ability using sarong.

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D mod

Download Simulator Perang Sarung 3D APK mod – Conquer battles using sarongs to fight

You will confront opponents living in the same village as you who are different children. And they will be the first challenge you must overcome to explore new battles. By using a sarong while fighting, you can exert your magical powers. Those will be exciting and happy feelings when using a new fighting weapon. But new challenges will appear as you conquer the battles with the children. Then, you will fight against other creatures, such as ghosts, aliens or monsters. Participate in sarong battles and prove you are a warrior with talented fighting abilities.

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D apk

Sarong warrior

The person you will control to participate in sarong battles is a child. So the opponents you face in the happy village also have the shape of children. From then on, the actions will be less stressful and more fun and attractive. And you can also choose the appearance of the warrior you control in challenges. You can choose a jersey or battle face with many designs and shapes. In particular, you will be able to select your weapons, which are potent sarongs, to fight with. Enter the happy village and choose the sarong warrior in Simulator Perang Sarung 3D APK 18.

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D mod apk

Fun fights

You are ready to fight the children of the happy village while controlling your warrior. And that’s also when fun battles take place for you to explore. These are simulated battlefields; you cannot harm others with your abilities. So you will have fun moments while dodging opponents’ attacks. However, you still want to win and try to defeat your opponents. With the help of magic, you can use sarong to use powerful skills. Take down the children in the sarong battlefields and prove your fighting talent.

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D android

Overcome all challenges

Your opponents at the Sarong village will not just be funny children. When you start fighting, they are just objects where you practice your ability to use sarongs. Those battles also help you understand the power of the weapons and skills you use. And real challenges will also appear when you are strong enough to fight. Your opponents will then be dangerous creatures, including ghosts and evil monsters. However, the most dangerous enemies are the aliens. So you must fight and defeat them to collect Easter eggs to prove your abilities.

Simulator Perang Sarung 3D free

You will become a child in a particular village where funny battles occur. The first opponents you need to face are people of the same age as you. But that doesn’t mean the actions will lose their excitement and competition to find a winner. So you can comfortably use a sarong to fight and defeat all your opponents. It is also an opportunity to practice your sarong skills and prepare to fight new challenges. They will be battles that require you to defeat dangerous opponents. Download Simulator Perang Sarung 3D MOD APK to experience missions using sarongs to fight.

How to Download & Install Simulator Perang Sarung 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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