GETCHA GHOST MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.0.175

Updated 09/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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V1: Unlimited money

V2: Menu

  1. DAMAGE MULTIPLIER – Main Character only
  2. SKILL DAMAGE MULTIPLIER – Friend ghost skill only


Somewhere out, souls are living right next to us. They can create a lot of supernatural phenomena that are difficult to explain. The ghosts of GETCHA GHOST MOD APK (Unlimited money) are similar. They are the souls of the deceased who have been transformed. Some become better, and some turn into dangerous demons. Please turn on your phones and make them appear as they are. Fight and destroy these evil spirits forever.

To indulge Anime fans who love ghost hunting, studio DAERISOFT created GETCHA GHOST APK mod. This is an interesting puzzle game in a fun puzzle style. Many great features are built into the game to enhance the user experience. The characters are designed in a cute style. Suitable for all ages access to this game. Not only that, but it also owns simple gameplay, very easy to use. If you want to find yourself an entertainment tool, you should choose GETCHA GHOST. Helps you eliminate all fatigue immediately, get back to work more productive.

GETCHA GHOST mod apk free

Download GETCHA GHOST mod – Hunt the souls that exist around

There are many spirits around us, but some are very evil. You have the task to defeat them with your abilities. Summon good souls and start the fierce battle. The gameplay is similar to the classic puzzle games. You need to line up the blocks to break them. Make attacks on those souls. The more items broke, the greater the damage. The other demons can also attack you. They will deal a relatively large amount of damage. If you don’t figure it out quickly, you will most likely lose. Do not be complacent about every situation in front of you.

The ghosts you catch will become tools of battle. After each battle with new ghosts, you collect more. They will effectively support your unequal battles. That is also a great reward for the most talented ghost hunters.

GETCHA GHOST mod android

Meet various ghosts

This world is huge, so that ghosts will come in all shapes and sizes. Japanese ghosts with extremely monstrous shapes. The ghosts of Europe are different, and they are the most terrible evils. Those who see them certainly cannot contain their fear. This leads to being taken over by them and has a tragic end. But with ghost hunters, it’s completely different. They couldn’t scare them because they were so used to it. They were even tamed and became their pets. The more talented people are, the more powerful ghosts they can collect. Start finding yourself a ghost collection now.

GETCHA GHOST mod download

Character upgrade

Upgrading the character of GETCHA GHOST APK 2.0.175 will be something you need to pay a lot of attention to. It will help you get more rewards from the levels. Gives you more damage to defeat the ghosts more easily. Improve your ghost-catching productivity much higher. Help people around get out of the trouble they cause. Maintain balance for this world so that it lasts. Do their jobs in a blanket manner only. Bring back lots of loot so you can continue to make yourself stronger. The ghosts will be more difficult to catch later. Be careful not to let them destroy and take over your body.


Use your phone

If you do not know, the phone is always an effective tool to catch ghosts in many cases. Only the phone’s lens can reveal its true form. Your naked eye cannot see the duel. A tool for your eyes to connect yin and yang. Pick up and look around. You will be startled when they suddenly appear. Catch it right away, don’t let it escape and make you waste time searching. Search hard to get more ghosts over the phone. This hunt is getting more and more interesting. Ghosts can appear anywhere, anytime, don’t let your guard down. This will be a thrilling experience to remember.


Bring ghosts with you in battles with many evil spirits. I train them to a higher level and increase their combat damage. Help you to complete the assigned tasks excellently. Ghosts are your weapons, and strong ghosts mean strong weapons. Strong weapons always have more advantages in combat. The ghost hunting journey will never come to an end. GETCHA GHOST MOD APK always creates special events for you. Let’s play and fully enjoy it.

How to Download & Install GETCHA GHOST MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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