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Updated 11/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameJuno: New Origins APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Juno: New Origins

Do you know how vehicles like rockets, spaceships, airplanes are created? Most people probably won’t know. If you want to experience the work of designing and manufacturing the above vehicles. Then this game is definitely for you – SimpleRocket 2. Here you can create your own planes, spaceships, rockets. With parameters that are almost true to reality. In addition, certain factors must be adhered to. New can be put to use. It sounds complicated, but that’s okay, I’ll find out with you.

With many different challenges corresponding to the vehicles that need to be assembled. You will undergo professional training courses in the tutorial. Only then can the actual fabrication be carried out. Parts and engines are always available for you to do your job. Even after assembly, it is possible to make them operate and explore space. An interesting job, isn’t it? But let me tell you in advance, it won’t be that simple.

SimpleRocket 2 mod

Download SimpleRocket 2 – Aerospace Crafting Expert

In order to create a certain type of vehicle, it is necessary to go through extremely important stages. And depending on the type of vehicle, there will be a different way of assembly and production. You can choose any type you like. The first is to change the structure of each part. Craft models and build them up with armor around them. Inspect the motor before installation. System of heat dissipation, control, information… In general, all the basic operations to make them. From the moment it is on paper to the moment it is completed it is all in your direction and decision.

Once you’ve completed them, you can experiment with the organization taking off or launching the spacecraft. In the process, you still have to control the inner workings of the vehicle’s engine. If there is any mistake, it will be very dangerous and the project cannot be completed. If nothing happens, your project will succeed. Continue to explore places where your plane or ship flies. That’s all the basics in SimpleRocket 2.

SimpleRocket 2 mod apk

Craft whatever you like

SimpleRocket 2 owns many blueprints of different types of technology. Not only with aircraft and spacecraft but also with means of reconnaissance and control. Robots and many other modern machines. You can totally assemble them all if you have the ability. Of course, all products will have to go through a series of tests. At the same time comply with absolute safety assurance. Craft them with many special mechanisms, various parts, and materials. Each type has its own many different ways to assemble. Try them all to feel the fun. As well as difficulties in the production process of scientists.

SimpleRocket 2 mod apk free

Based on real physics principles

Although a simulation program. But SimpleRocket 2 still fully meets the requirements of modern physical standards. Follow all the rules strictly. Like thermodynamics, pressure, metal expansion, and a bunch of other physics. This is to increase the realism and experience for players. At the same time, it helps players not to be seriously misunderstood in physics. Can lead to many unfortunate accidents in real life. So a game with the theme of making and producing like that must be precise. Can even disseminate more useful knowledge for those who want to learn about them.

SimpleRocket 2 mod free

Discover many interesting things

After you have finished your products. Obtain all necessary certifications. You can now test your invention. Especially spaceships and spy robots. They will fly into space and discover many interesting planets. Those planets seem to possess a very different ecosystem and animals than our Earth. It is no exaggeration to say that this simulation program also does a lot of really great things. Having brought the dream of space travel to many children. Especially those who have a passion for vast space exploration.

SimpleRocket 2 mod mod

Come to SimpleRocket 2 to satisfy your love of crafting. Where you will be doing all that is true to the most realistic. Make your own products, even test them right away. Although it is only a simulation, it has been perfected. Full compliance with the rules and knowledge of physics. So why don’t you try SimpleRocket 2 mod right now?

How to Download & Install Juno: New Origins APK for Android


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Please update it to 0.9.904

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