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Updated 26/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameSimple Calculator APK
PublisherEveryday Calculation Apps
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SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Simple Calculator

The calculation is a method associated with our daily life and work. To support that, without having to waste time thinking, we will use Simple Calculator MOD APK. This is an application that turns your device into a portable computer. Solve any problems that come from numbers that you are having all the time. Convenient and easy to operate in any situation you want. Numbers can no longer give you a hard time.

As a handheld calculator, Simple Calculator APK mod will help users to calculate. From simple to complex, requests can be accepted. Quickly gives you the most accurate results in a concise amount of time. Meet the needs of use in study or work of anyone. Moreover, it is entirely free, and there is no need to pay for any features. Instantly add a valuable tool to your phone.

Simple Calculator mod

Download Simple Calculator mod – Calculate the most complex numbers

For those who often work with numbers, the burden is inevitable. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or equations all need to be used. So if you calculate with your mind continuously, it is challenging and inefficient. You can use Simple Calculator APK 1.7.3 as an alternative to your Calculator. It has all the features you need for the calculations you want. The rows from 1 to 9 are arranged neatly. Around are placed buttons in different forms. If you do not know how to use it, you can read more instructions in the application.

Tax calculation

Taxes are the extra money you have to pay if you want to get your benefits. The calculation of the tax amount is also essential, especially for business people or business owners. It helps us manage the amount of money we have to pay for the items we need. Above all, with a large quantity when there is a need to import for businesses or stores. You can use the Calculator to quickly calculate the amount of tax you will be charged for each product. Then multiply by the total amount of goods you are considering buying. Better manage your tasks without fear of mistakes or significant problems.

Simple Calculator mod free

Manage everything

With a simple calculator app, you can control everything you have, from the profit percentage to other financial sources of the business process. Users can immediately know if the monthly income level is high or not. From there, adjust the method of performing their work more effectively. In addition, it is possible to calculate the selling price of the items to suit the customer’s needs. Don’t make it too expensive or too cheap to attract buyers quickly. The total cost of everything that you will likely have to pay for your big goals.

Save data

Due to the computational needs, you need to perform quite a few different calculations in a period. But there will be some results we need to use again and again. So all these calculations will be stored in the application’s calculation history. You can review it to avoid having to do the same calculations over and over again. Quickly get the results you need to get the correct statistics. If you want, you can delete these calculations to make room for other measures. You can save it until you need to use it without worrying about being automatically deleted. This is also a pretty helpful feature at work.

Simple Calculator mod apk

Continuous calculation

Simple Calculator MOD APK can meet the most extreme needs for which it can be used, for example, with computations continuously over a long period. Calculations will be displayed consecutively and accurately without any errors. The results are speedy and take less than 2 seconds. Easily find complicated answers when you need them.

What’s more remarkable is that it will not have the risk of failure or run out of battery like a standard computer. It does not consume much print and can work continuously for many hours. Always an indispensable close friend of busy people.

In terms of interface and features, the Simple Calculator mod does not have many extraordinary things. It is also simply like a regular handheld computer that we often use. But what it brings can be far outweighed by its durability and convenience. Never torture yourself, but use the support tools you have.

How to Download & Install Simple Calculator APK for Android


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