Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK (Prime Unlocked) 3.5.2

Updated 17/06/2024 (2 days ago)
NameDuplicates Cleaner APK
Publisherkaeros corps
MOD FeaturesPrime Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Duplicates Cleaner

Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK (Prime Unlocked) is a valuable tool to assist users in saving storage space on their devices and maintaining efficient file organization. Sharing and storing information is now more convenient than ever in the digital age. The drawback of this is that it will copy files and folders unnecessarily, resulting in countless duplicate files scattered everywhere. But fortunately, Duplicates Cleaner software offers a convenient solution to this problem, so don’t worry too much. This software will help users quickly locate and remove duplicate files from the device by integrating advanced technology and a comprehensive scanner.

In addition, Duplicates Cleaner APK mod provides settings so users can select specific file types to search and create folders to find duplicate files. This makes managing files on the device more straightforward and more practical.

Duplicates Cleaner mod

Download Duplicates Cleaner mod apk – Organize and rearrange storage space efficiently

If you have a lot of duplicate files on your device, consider using Duplicates Cleaner APK 3.5.2 app to see what advantages it offers. Users can easily search and find duplicate files on internal storage and memory card with the help of a simple and user-friendly interface. This program uses intelligent algorithms to compare files based on content, filename and attribute information. There is no need to review each file individually, which helps users to identify duplicate files accurately. After the scan is finished, Duplicates Cleaner will display a list of duplicate files, allowing the user to delete each file or all at once and give the user access to previews to ensure the right decision.

Duplicates Cleaner mod apk

Find and delete duplicate files

Users can quickly locate duplicate files on their devices and remove them with the help of Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK. The app’s intelligent search feature scans the entire system and finds duplicate files based on many factors, including filename, size, creation date, and content. The application will provide a list of duplicate files when the scan is finished for users to check and review before deciding whether to delete. It will then safely and quickly destroy duplicate files when the user confirms the deletion. To best meet their needs, users can further modify search parameters, such as limiting their search to a particular folder or ignoring a specific file type, and decide whether to delete them in bulk or in parts.

Duplicates Cleaner mod apk free

Allow preview of duplicate files first

Before removing duplicate files, Duplicates Cleaner will give users access to a preview of them. After seeing an overview of their duplicate files, Users can select the duplicate files they want to remove. A complete list of these files, complete with name, path and size, will be displayed by the application when scanning and finding duplicate files is complete. Users can preview the contents of each file to determine if the content is identical or simply parts of it are duplicates. This preview of duplicate files before deletion saves users from accidentally deleting necessary files. From there, the user can compare and decide whether to keep copies of any redundant files or delete them altogether.

Duplicates Cleaner mod android free

Support searching on various file types

With Duplicates Cleaner, users can conduct a comprehensive process of locating duplicate files on the device thanks to its ability to support many different file types. Many popular file formats, including those for images, movies, audio, text, and even compressed data, are supported by this tool to identify duplicate files. Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK ensures that no files are missed during the scan by detecting and comparing the contents of the files. Help users save time and effort by locating duplicate files quickly and efficiently. Thus, users will not need to download much software to remove each different file format but only need a single tool.

In short, the Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK application is a valuable solution for users to solve the problem of duplicate files on their devices. Help users detect and remove duplicate files quickly and efficiently with practical and easy-to-use features.

How to Download & Install Duplicates Cleaner MOD APK (Prime Unlocked) for Android


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