Simon’s Cat Crunch Time MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives/VIP Unlocked) 1.73.0

Updated 30/04/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameSimon’s Cat Crunch Time APK
PublisherTactile Games Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, lives/VIP Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Simon’s Cat Crunch Time MOD APK detail?

Unlimited life, gold is 100100100! Unlocked VIP!

Introduce MOD APK Simon’s Cat Crunch Time

Exciting adventures like Simon’s Cat Crunch Time are a must-try. Become a helper to Simon the cat to find his favorite food. Go through the most challenging puzzles to see where these treats are hidden. Train your mind and become increasingly sensitive to tests. Enjoy a light-hearted adventure filled with thrilling and thrilling events. Let’s see how a cat’s life will be different from a human’s.

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time belongs to puzzle solving combined with beautiful adventure. It is built in the context of the quite famous Simon’s Cat comedy series. You will be diving into another corner of this character’s life. Match-3 puzzles combined with engaging storytelling bring a sense of lightness. Create interesting leisure times for people who are busy with work. Take the pressure off you with a game that’s like a cartoon.

Simons Cat Crunch Time mod

Download Simon’s Cat Crunch Time mod – Find the food for Simon’s cat

Simon’s cat food today suddenly disappeared and could not be found. It must have been the obnoxious crows who hid it to tease the cat. Help Simon find his food by completing the puzzles given. You have to line up the food pieces in these puzzles to collect them. Need to do these operations until the amount of food that Simon’s cat needs are complete. That way, you can make the cat complete and ready to move on. Show those obnoxious crows that you’re much more intelligent than them. The challenges will become more and more complicated, and you need to practice a lot.

Simons Cat Crunch Time mod free

Various levels

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time will operate like a classic match-3 game you usually see. There will be levels arranged in a path from low to higher. Players will start with the manageable levels first to get used to everything. Then increase gradually to be able to create more challenges. You will have to earn more items before but still within a certain number of moves. But you will only be able to participate in the game according to the allowed number of daily turns. If you run out, you will have to watch the video or unlock an infinite number of plays before you can continue. If not, you can wait for the number of turns to be increased again.

Simons Cat Crunch Time mod apk

Meet new friends

On your journey, you will meet friends who appeared in the movie. Neighboring cats, silly dogs, owners, etc. You will find them accompanying you on every level or when exploring stories. These characters are built to bring more color. Make your journey no longer lonely like many other games. These friends will help you defeat other obnoxious characters. Crows, foxes, or beggars will try to hinder your journey. Don’t let your stomach go hungry. Go ahead and take back the delicious pieces of cake.

Simons Cat Crunch Time mod apk free


In addition to the main game screen, you can also participate in other small game screens. These will be levels of medium difficulty and intellectual challenge. You will be able to find the difference between the two given pictures. Players need to be quick and quick to win. Sometimes there are different features that we can hardly see. If it is too difficult, you can use the suggestions in the help section. It will help you locate what you need but not reveal it ultimately. To see how many challenges you can complete and how many rewards you can get from these games.

Simons Cat Crunch Time mod android

Share with friends

Playing games without companions is a significant omission. Link this game to your existing social media accounts. Anyone who has participated in this game will be shown on the leaderboard along with their score. You will know where you are to work hard and improve your rankings. The more levels you pass, the greater your chances of increasing your score. These are excellent sources of motivation to help us gradually improve ourselves. Share the joy of victory with all those people to increase the friendship. Don’t be afraid to grow together in this exciting journey.

So you have an overview of Simon’s Cat Crunch Time mod with attractive features. Download the device and enjoy it in your spare time.

How to Download & Install Simon’s Cat Crunch Time MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives/VIP Unlocked) for Android


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