Shelter 69 MOD APK (God mode, weak enemy) 1.6.510

Updated 29/05/2024 (21 hours ago)
NameShelter 69 APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode, weak enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Shelter 69 MOD APK detail?

1. God mode
2. Weak Enemy
2.1. Very slow attackspeed
2.2 No Defence
2.3 Lower HP
3. 20 Builders (Build Rooms)
4. High Expedition Money
5. Every Chest Gives items x10
6. Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x10
7. Every Achievemt gives items x10
8. ELDI Capacity is 999KK
9. Max Worker x2

Introduce MOD APK Shelter 69

What challenges will an apocalyptic world like Shelter 69 bring us? Let’s accompany the female warriors on the way to rebuilding everything. Create a safe shelter with the most modern and advanced things for yourself. Fight against the dangers from outside with all that you have. Form the necessary business services for your partners. Items can be pretty tricky with bad starts. But with your strategic ability, you will not be afraid of anything in the way.

Shelter 69 belongs to the genre of idle games with the ability to simulate a business. You will be like an entrepreneur growing your business. The game meets the needs of graphics quite well with vivid images. Moreover, it also has a beautiful Japanese Anime bias. Ingenious mechanisms help us save a lot of time and manipulation. Such an object will help you not be too active but still be able to advance. Although not so excellent, it still creates interesting highlights to enjoy.

Shelter 69 mod

Download Shelter 69 mod – Create the most developed bunker in the world

After the nuclear war happened, the whole world was almost destroyed. But you survive entirely just by taking shelter in the basement you created. After coming out of the cellar, you see beautiful girls in the same situation as me. So let’s cooperate with them to develop the basement better. Create a business empire with products leveraged from old-world resources. You were continuously scaling through investing activities using your own money. The bigger your kingdom, the more the world has to rely on your business. From there, they can expand their influence on the potential post-apocalyptic market.

Cute character

Your partners are all wonderful and cute female warriors. They are very easily tempted to work for you with great productivity. Their workability can be classified based on their helpful working stats. You can choose the best people to add to your development team. Assign combat missions or gather resources for them to complete. Even if you are exiting the game, they will still work hard. Non-stop to bring more resources to your business. Thus, progress never stops but only increases over time.

Shelter 69 mod free

Fascinating story

The fascinating story of the post-apocalyptic world will be divided into many different chapters. Each chapter gives us new goals to achieve and new tasks. The rewards coming from each level are also quite numerous and rich to accumulate. But the difficulty will be increased to require you to develop your team. Unexpected situations may arise in your business activities. The solution and the strategy will be the best option to keep the profit. Other enemies will constantly find ways to sabotage your business in the marketplace. Finally, create a war of interests between the tycoons in the new world.

Shelter 69 mod apk

Unlock new rooms

The rooms in the cellar are suitable places to organize business activities. Each room has a member of the management team to produce the right products. Whatever the world needs, you can quickly get it. It also means that you have to wait to unlock new rooms when expanding. In it, you can optionally create jobs that suit your desires. Don’t forget to upgrade these rooms to get more output. Instead, increase your profits to the highest level using different methods. You can grow unlimitedly to your potential.

Shelter 69 mod android

Collect costumes

Want your girls to be more attractive? Simply, you can use new skins for them. This will create an entirely new and unique appearance to create newness in your experience. Each character will have a certain number of unlockable costumes. Some costumes are unlocked with resources, but some need to open a random chest. The value of the skin will depend on how you find it. Lots of different fashion styles will make you fall in love. Keep finding more looks for your beauties with Shelter 69 mod.

How to Download & Install Shelter 69 MOD APK (God mode, weak enemy) for Android


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i did follow the instructions, but all the high expeditions money didn’t have

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