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Updated 03/12/2023 (6 hours ago)
NameShadow Era APK
PublisherWulven Game Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, Show monsters/cards face
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shadow Era MOD APK Information

Works in PVE and PVP.

Introduce MOD APK Shadow Era

The Age of Darkness is what you will witness in the Shadow Era. A kingdom where the cursed make great revolutions. The leaders will enter the lands and demonstrate their will to rule. You are one of those who have such grand ambitions for power. Brain battles will take place somewhat with powerful representative cards. Your strategy is the way to ultimate glory. Start building strength by mastering your powerful cards.

Strategy and cards in Shadow Era are two essential factors for your success. First, it simulates precisely how real-life card games work. However, all are put into a highly mysterious context of fantasy things. Bringing a better, more decadent playing space for all classes of players. Personal skills are seen as something that you will need to hone to develop. A way to improve your intelligence without tremendous pressure. Bring the most comfortable feeling after the job is done.

Shadow Era mod

Download Shadow Era mod – Create an era of darkness

The first thing we need to do is choose a human leader to represent us. Next, the player will receive a starting deck as a battle base. There are two things that you will have to face the AI ​​and other players. First, the two sides will take turns to make customizations when it’s their turn. Each card will be able to create an attack or defense depending on the specific strategy of the player. Each time you attack to deal damage, it will be deducted from the enemy’s HP bar. The side that runs out of HP first is considered the loser, and the other side wins. Third, play and develop the strategies that you find most useful.

Rule by ambition

In story mode, your journey is depicted on a large map. The marked sections are a territory you need to take over to expand your influence. Your opponents will be extremely powerful commanders or lords. They all have unique decks with cards with significant discomfort. Your victory will depend partly on luck and accumulated playing experience. It would be best if you also found a way to build the deck to make it more relevant. Constantly looking for more vital cards for you. The more you advance, the more you cover your fears with your enemies.

Shadow Era mod free


Of course, we cannot play with AI continuously because it creates boredom. Instead, try to join the PvP battlefield of the players. This mode allows you to pair up with a random player who joins the server. Here you will unleash all that your deck can do. This will be a great challenge because each player has their thinking and strategy. Both sides will adapt and defend themselves against newer types of processes. If you make better use of the advantage you have with a bit of luck, you will be the winner. Play and gradually improve new abilities.

Shadow Era mod apk

More than 800 cards

The number of cards in the Shadow Era is also quite large for players to collect freely. Each card creates unique abilities that can be applied extremely effectively on the battlefield. It will be divided into two types: battle cards and effect cards. Battle cards will have ATK and DEF based on the avatar’s abilities. Cards that create effects can do things like boost stats and give your opponent an advantage or disadvantage. Some cards even allow you to trade what you have to put the enemy at a disadvantage. No card is considered weak if you know how to use it.

Shadow Era mod android

Great community

The developer of the Shadow Era also created a massive community of players. This is where players often gather together to exchange helpful knowledge. Help new players so that they can reduce the difficulty in their play. Huge tournaments are also regularly held so that anyone can participate. Show off your skills and claim extremely noble rewards. Play with joy and confidence. Winning or losing is never everything. Everyone can learn something from the great experiences that Shadow Era mod brings.

How to Download & Install Shadow Era MOD APK (Menu, Show monsters/cards face) for Android


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