Metal Slug: Commander MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.2.0

Updated 11/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameMetal Slug: Commander APK
PublisherSNK CHINA Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Metal Slug: Commander MOD APK detail?

Mod may not work on some stages

Introduce MOD APK Metal Slug: Commander

Space war is a topic that is thoroughly exploited in literary works, movies and even games. Metal Slug: Commander is also one of the outstanding games with this theme. We must be too familiar with the motif of aliens coming and invading the earth. As a matter of course, people will have to stand up to protect themselves. Bring the most potent weapons and forces the world can produce. Destroy the enemy that intends to take over the home of humanity. A new journey begins again in your generation.

In the past, in the world of Metal Slug: Commander, many terrible battles have happened. Humans and alien races have encountered each other throughout history. The war ended with the victory in favour of the humans. However, at present, there will be a next battle happening. It is even predicted to be much more fierce. You are the one chosen to become the commander of the human race. Create the most powerful army to be ready to confront the aliens at any time.

Metal Slug Commander mod

Download Metal Slug: Commander mod – Directly command humans in space battles

You are among the best summoned by the leaders of the human race and assigned to command the human army in the upcoming wars. You will also be provided with all the most advanced and modern that humanity has. It was nothing but the ability to summon warriors. Each one has a very different power. Gather them together into a squad to fight in space. Rely on your tactics to defeat the aliens. Upgrade power to become more and more overwhelming. This journey will be very long and arduous, mixed with extreme danger.

The levels of Metal Slug: Commander is deployed on a simple 2D horizontal screen. The selected warriors will appear on the screen. Move from left to right of the screen to fight the enemy. Strength and stability are represented by noticeable health bars, with battle locations located in different parts of the world. Free the continents under alien control. It can’t be done in a flash. You need a lot of tactics spanning many different matches.

Metal Slug Commander mod free

Summon elite warriors

Possessing the privilege of practice and training from the empire, the warriors had a toughness and strength that surpassed an ordinary person. Reaching different levels will allow you to unlock these warriors. Depending on their level, their strength will be most evident in the matches: Command outstanding 3-star, 4-star and 5-star individuals to maximize their power. Upgrade them with materials obtained through the battlefield. Equip weapons depending on the role to strengthen the ability more deeply. Regardless of the warrior, if provided with resources and fought adequately, it will become the enemy’s nightmare.

Metal Slug Commander mod apk

Many important facilities

Taking a specific position and wiping out the invaders is not an easy thing. Metal Slug: Commander provides state-of-the-art scientific facilities for your research. From there, they developed a lot of power to supply the army. Headquarter is the central place for you to summon warriors, and you will also power them up there. When you need to get things done, head to the Command Center, where you can perform the main tasks assigned. When completed, you will be rewarded with resources and experience. Archives, Arms Dealer and Talent Center have different features. The common point in those places is adding more forces to support you in tough battles.

Metal Slug Commander mod apk free

Confronting the invading tyrant

The main enemy of humans in Metal Slug: Commander is a horde of aliens intending to invade the earth to gather resources. Leading them are alien commanders with formidable strength. Most of them will appear in the essential stages and the last levels of a continent. Much larger in appearance than his subordinates. Possesses many dangerous skills that affect many warriors at once. Confronting them is not easy. Based on the army arrangement, strategic deployment, pure strength, you have a chance to win. Working hard and learning is the number one priority.

Metal Slug Commander free

The scale of dozens of different continents would take a long time to complete. Various warrior upgrades for freedom in player’s tactics. The pace of the matches is fast and decisive, so there is no room for mistakes. Metal Slug: Commander mod is worth playing in every way and helps you improve your thinking. Return to the nostalgic space and space war story. Challenge yourself in commanding humanity to fight.

How to Download & Install Metal Slug: Commander MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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