Selera Nusantara MOD APK 1.8.67 (Unlocked/Free upgrade)

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NameSelera Nusantara APK
PublisherGambir Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlock and Allow Upgrade , even 0 coin but still upgrade
2. instant cook with no overcooked

Selera Nusantara is a game that can turn you from an ordinary person into a talented chef. Play the role of Siska, who is having a job crisis. She met her friend, and he took her to a restaurant to work. Here, she found a burning passion in cooking. Travel to many places, discover new recipes, cook new dishes. With only a small push-pull stall, the necessary cooking tools, seasonal foods, full spices. Attract a lot of diners with fancy dishes, fast speed, just enough seasoning. Buy all the basic equipment.

You can swing across the neighborhood with simple operations such as touching or swiping. Move your cart from one location to another. Selera Nusantara is a level game so each level will have a different requirement. There are diners coming and you need to serve them. She wears a lemon yellow T-shirt and a blue apron. Long brown hair tied in a ponytail and a gentle pink mane. Before starting, players need to choose a place to shop, then the food will be served by the stall. Then go to the store to buy the necessary utensils such as bowls, chopsticks, and cooking food for these dishes.

Selera Nusantara apk

Download Selera Nusantara mod – A talented chef with stalls all over the city

When the player’s stall is fully arranged, ready for trading. There will be customers visiting and making requests for the necessary dishes. Starting with just simple dishes with a small amount of requirements. Each visitor has a yellow square displayed. It contains the desired dish and a green time bar. In the middle of this timeline is a hand holding a like button. As the player prepares the requested dish, the time or the blue bar will decrease. Less time means less satisfaction. If this time bar is empty, customer satisfaction is zero.

Selera Nusantara apk free

Diversity of customers

Da is a stall selling food from all over the world, each diners visiting brings different emotions. They also have different characteristics and requirements for dishes. The electrician wore an orange shirt with gray-white luminescent lines. The policeman was wearing a green uniform, a white hat, and had a baton on his back. She is a gentle Muslim, wearing black glasses and a scarf covering her head. The busy nurse was still wearing her white uniform. Short hair tied in a ponytail with big round eyes. The tourist guy wears an orange vest combined with a blue T-shirt.

Selera Nusantara android

Many stalls

Since Selera Nusantara is a level game, each stall will include smaller levels inside. Each stall offers unique dishes of different regions. Like a stall selling Korean food  with hot bowls of tokboki, flavorful cakes,…Indonesian food stalls with a variety of seafood salads, fish, squid,…different. As for Japan, it is impossible not to mention the indispensable sushi, rice balls, pasta and pizza dishes of the beautiful country of Italy. And there are numerous colorful specialties from different regions. Unlock all the stalls to be discovered and open your eyes to exotic delicacies.

Selera Nusantara mod apk

Serving food

Faced with the overwhelming demands of customers. Based on the image they give, players need to find and filter quickly the necessary foods. Because then, all the materials are arranged in order on the stall. Pure white mushrooms on a wooden tray. Boneless chicken feet are arranged on a yellow tray. Or the dried noodles are neatly arranged on each food tray. The multi-compartment pot of water is steaming and boiling. Tray of orange juice, soft drink, juice is poured into the cup. Customers who come just need to touch the requested cups of water to easily serve the fastidious diners.

Selera Nusantara mod

Collect a lot of money and material to be able to invest in a team of tools. Upgrade tools and food to reduce processing speed. When the experience is enough, the customer trusts enough, the player can increase the level and reputation. Join special events held on Christmas, Halloween, birthday games,… to get rare recipes. Once the money is in hand, players can also open different branches. The branches that do well, earn more. Download Selera Nusantara mod to become a talented chef of the country with just one stall everywhere.

Download Selera Nusantara MOD APK (Unlocked/Free upgrade) for Android

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