Love Esquire MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.7.4

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NameLove Esquire APK
PublisherYangyang Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Love Esquire MOD APK Infomation

Gold does not decrease when spent

Dating games must-have elements of romance but will sometimes be combined with many unrelated elements; Love Esquire is the best example. He is just starting his dating process and fighting to finish his job as an adventurer. Fantasy worlds usually won’t involve too much of the emotional element. Love Esquire is the exact opposite. Do you think these two factors can be successfully combined? At least find the answer yourself. Don’t worry because the mechanics and graphics of this game will keep you there.

Fight with five unique girls as the commander. You have the most necessary qualities to lead and make important decisions. Learn about the lives and origins of these girls. They will be the ones to fight with you until the end. That’s why you need to understand them and create connections between members. In fighting and adventure in the world of Love Esquire, the bond between you and the girls will increase. Depends on your interactions and actions.

Love Esquire mod

Download Love Esquire mod – Dating in a new fantasy world

Love Esquire implements turn-based combat. Players create the proper formation to fight the enemy. The characters will attack in turn and possess many unique skills. The main character is a weak man. He doesn’t have any special powers, so you need to protect him. Place female warriors in the squad to protect the main character. Strengthen the strength of female warriors. In the early stages, there won’t be too much danger. The more the following developments, the more dangerous the enemy will be. Adventure through many lands to meet new characters. Complete your unfinished journey once and for all.

The game’s battle screen is also deployed in a vertical screen. When it’s a unit’s turn, their name and stats will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the skills that the warrior has. Then click on the enemy to choose as an attack target. Health bar displayed on top of characters. It will be easier for you to calculate damage. Use the element of luck to win by surprise. However, it is impossible to rely on them forever and ignore the strategy.

Love Esquire mod apk

Develop a good relationship

Monster slaying and adventure are not the main elements of Love Esquire. Your biggest goal is to secure the relationship between the five girls fighting alongside you. It was Amelie with impressive resilience. Giselle provides a shield that protects the protagonist. Beatrice, Kamala and Vel were all-powerful warriors and participated in the main battle in the party. Five girls with five looks and five special personalities. Some are rebellious and enthusiastic, and some are quiet but profound. All have a unique affection system for the main character. Through combat and side stories, you’ll increase their intimacy score.

Love Esquire mod apk free

Continuous strength training

Your main and only force is five warrior girls. Although they are not weak, they still need more time to develop. You will provide the most critical elements to help them gain the necessary strength. Go through special training courses to increase physical strength; there are three levels easy, regular and monster. Depending on the difficulty, the time will increase gradually. Efficiency after training is also significantly increased. The index of the relationship also considerably affects the training time. So if you want girls to be more muscular, make them flutter with lots of intimacy.

Love Esquire mod free

Many unexpected endings

Usually, adventure games have only one end where the main character defeats the world’s boss. With Love Esquire, it’s completely different. The end of this game will depend on your actions in the journey. For example, you treat each female character to various degrees. The ending will change unexpectedly when you make a small action. Betrayal, acceptance, despair, happiness… Anything can happen. Based on your own decisions, from words and actions. Be careful not to regret your wrong choice.

Love Esquire free

That is probably enough for you to cover the entire content of Love Esquire. A compromise between complex strategy and linear mechanics in storytelling. Sometimes you need to take your decision seriously. It is impossible to predict how terrible the consequences of choosing the wrong one will be. Anyway, enjoy your life as an adventurer. Fight girls and build good relationships in Love Esquire mod.

Download Love Esquire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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