Sectograph MOD APK 5.23.4 (Unlocked Pro)

Posted 8 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameSectograph APK
PublisherLaboratory 27
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Time management is not complex at all if you have Sectograph. Easily see what you need to do in 24 hours. Schedule upcoming plans precisely and quickly. There is no need to memorize anything because it is unnecessary for you. Reduce the overload on the brain and make your life much more comfortable. Everyone needs a specific plan to follow each day.

Sectograph is a minimalistic designed timer for intelligent devices. It was created for people who are always busy with their work. Help them avoid forgetting even the most minor things to do during the day. Work precisely and without making any mistakes. Help you focus more on what you need to do and improve products quickly. No need for anyone to remind with just simple operations.

Sectograph mod

Download Sectograph mod – Manage your time easily

First of all, we need to know how to get used to and use this application most effectively. Open it up and allow access to the necessary parts of the device. Then it would be best if you made a specific plan for a day for yourself. Each piece of work corresponds to one particular period. Let’s create a list first and fill it in the face of the displayed watch. After filling in, you need to adjust that period accordingly. Not too short and not too long to meet the set goal. Just following this schedule every day is already a huge change.

Sectograph mod free

Virtual event calendar

This is a pie chart in the form of a clock divided into 12 hours. The events in it are exactly what you will do in those 12 hours, from work, study, entertainment, or rest to commuting on the street. With such a built-in visualization, you can see everything. From there, it is possible to follow it on purpose and not to control that period. Resist procrastination and sluggishness and becoming bored every day. It gives you a goal to change and strive to be better than ever. You can immediately reschedule whenever it becomes unsuitable.

Sectograph mod apk


Can you not remember all the things to do and often forget them? Don’t worry because Sectograph will accompany you every time the sensor is next to you. At each precise moment, it will give notifications to the user. In that notice will specify the things that you have planned. So you can quickly recognize it and start implementing it right away. Don’t forget the state and have to redo it at another time. Quick and intuitive announcements deliver the same seriousness and clarity as commands. Make up a specific schedule like the military usually does every day.

Sectograph mod apk free


After arriving at an event, you have set the time. It will start counting down. Automatically calculate correctly until the next event is played. This feature is similar to the stopwatches in athlete competitions. It will create an incentive for the performer to accelerate his speed. Gradually break the limits of your best friend and work faster. The faster you work, the more free time you have. Allows intense focus to solve everyday problems in the best and most effective way. You will race against time every day and win it with effort.

Sectograph mod android

Create a widget

To save space and create convenience, a widget feature was designed. It helps you have a small toolbar on the main screen without taking up too much space. It will clearly show the done, current, and upcoming jobs you have arranged. Every minute, events and tasks on the phone will be updated again. Allows you not to miss anything you need to do next. If you love simplicity and don’t want to open an app, it’s easy for you. It will not take up too much space on the homepage, just creating a small room that is easy to see. You can move it to any area you want.

If you want to become a better person yourself, Sectograph mod is for you. Optimize all busy times for anyone.

Download Sectograph MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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