SecretRoom MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Energy) 1.1.1

Updated 29/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameSecretRoom APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Energy
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK SecretRoom

SecretRoom is a game that simulates your escape from a mysterious house, gloomy house hidden deep in a deserted area. You play as a policeman to search for clues and evidence left inside this house. With a large area and many rooms, players seem lost in a maze with no way out. Moreover, many challenges and difficulties appear on your adventure. Along with this gloomy atmosphere, there are also creepy sounds and suspicious noises. Players must have a solid mind to overcome all the challenges ahead and get out of there.

At the beginning of the game screen, there is a brief introduction to the background and how to participate. Two policemen, a man, and a woman, were patrolling the area. Seeing a suspicious area, they immediately parked their car and checked the situation. From here opens an exciting adventure with the appearance of many strange events. Right from the first steps outside the entrance gate, hints and strange points appeared. Whether the player wants to continue participating in this horror adventure or not is essential. Inside the house, there are many locked rooms. To be able to unlock these rooms and collect evidence requires an arduous process.

SecretRoom android

Download SecretRoom mod – Join the puzzle adventure in a mysterious house.

Players explore the house in a first-person perspective, giving the player a realistic feel. Two hands appear on the screen to perform the actions the player wants to do. Just touch the areas you want to explore and the items to collect. This hand will do everything for you. The tools to collect after the player touches them will be stored in the squares arranged in a row at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the purpose, the player can use these items anytime. To exchange information with teammates, your character will appear on the screen with dialog boxes exchanged back and forth.

SecretRoom apk free

Collect tools

To be able to solve all the puzzles and mysteries inside this house takes a long process. All things and events are related to each other in the game. Therefore, the player needs to collect all the seemingly usable items in front of their eyes—for example, hammers, pliers, tree branches, keys, sticky notes, etc. Many items are carefully hidden and scattered throughout the house. Maybe you can find the key to the puzzle box inside a safe. Or find paper-locking pliers under a flower pot. In general, players need to grope each area carefully to find it.

SecretRoom apk

Solve many puzzles

There are many doors to unlock and many mysterious boxes to discover. Many challenging puzzles require the correct answer from the player. Even opening a wooden box locked with a passcode and private key is not easy. Players need to understand the working principle of this box, based on the hint, to find where the key is hidden. Finding the key, and unlocking the password can collect items in these boxes. There are also some strangely arranged objects. Noticing this, players can also learn. The opportunity to open another mysterious room is no longer a surprise.

SecretRoom mod apk

Puzzle Hints

The player may often have difficulty solving the puzzles that appear in the game. Because of recognizing the level of the game, the manufacturer has made suggestions. For example, for each object the player collects, there is a text about the use of this object attached. Although the use that the game offers is not straightforward. But players can rely on it to perform some related actions. Not every action is the same as the suggestion that the game gives. But it can be guaranteed that the objects collected in a room only need to solve the puzzle in that room. Avoid causing excess inventory of unused items.

SecretRoom mod

Especially inside this large house, there is a girl in danger. In a locked room, a girl was fainting. Her two arms were suspended from the crossbar on the ceiling. She fainted, so the player could not find out any information. Therefore, first of all, the player needs to find a tool to free the girl. Download SecretRoom mod to explore the mysterious puzzle inside the mysterious abandoned house.

How to Download & Install SecretRoom MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Energy) for Android


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