Dream Defenders MOD APK 1.0.17 (Menu, Damage/Defense/Unlimited skills)

Updated on 25/09/2022 (6 months ago)
NameDream Defenders APK
PublisherFingerFun Limited.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense/Unlimited skills
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Dream Defenders is a unique tower defense game that combines an innovative futuristic cyberpunk setting. Players will be transported to a fantasy future world where core memory is kept. Enemies come more and more; gamers need to send heroes to protect core memory. Each battle takes place on different terrain; players must consider each move. Choosing the strongest team and placing the generals in the appropriate battle position is necessary. Each hero has unique skills and strengths, so it is necessary to help them maximize their strength. Build a suitable strategy, destroy enemy waves and protect core memory.

If you’re a fan of the tower defense series, you’re probably no stranger to a few names. Kingdom Rush builds the defense of the battle stronghold, Alien Creeps, with modern weapon sanctions. However, have you ever thought about playing a gamer in the cyberpunk tech scene? Dream Defenders brings the quintessence of the seniors along with great strides. This future context game promises to be a famous tower defense game in the future. Each blow, using the skill of combining technology block effect is the point of surprise. Dream Defenders creates a large number of heroes that are both cool and powerful, each with a unique fighting style. In addition, the game’s story is gradually revealed after each battle.

Dream Defenders mod

Download Dream Defenders mod – Cyberpunk context tower defense

You finally woke up. Did you try to explore the memory space? Those are the first interactions of the NPC; you are the world’s guardian with the other heroes. There is little time to chat; you need to join forces immediately with your teammates. The game will start with a tutorial screen to familiarize you with how the level works. Before entering the battlefield, you must choose the squad’s most powerful generals. On the battlefield, players will have blue areas to arrange positions for generals. Once the setup is complete, and the players are ready, let’s start the fight immediately. Try to preserve core memory to the last minute.

Dream Defenders apk free

How to play attractive tower defense

Inheriting the gameplay of the game series into a rolling style, Dream Defenders will satisfy gamers. As mentioned above, players will build the strongest team they have to fight. Gamers need to observe the battlefield wisely to arrange the battle when choosing a general. The blue circle area is where the player places the champion, and the red is where the enemy appears. To place a winner, 100 gold is required, but at the beginning of the level, you only have 120 gold. So choose the champion you trust the most to create an advantage. Once the setup is complete, press the Battle button in the lower right corner to start the battle. When killing monsters, the amount of gold will increase; use that gold to bring more champions into battle. Destroying monsters helps to build up anger, when angry enough the player can use the hero’s unique skills. At the end of the game, the larger the number of enemies, use gold and fury wisely.

Dream Defenders mod apk

Huge amount of heroes

Game makers create many different heroes for players to choose from for the squad. Each general will have its appearance, weapons, stats, characteristics, and skills. There are champions at close range, but champions can deal damage from a distance. Special skills have different damage zones, so players need to choose wisely. Let’s give some specific examples so that you can understand more clearly. The first champion, Tesla, carries a hammer and deals damage by knocking on the ground. This is, without a doubt, a solid melee champion, usually suited to the frontline position. The next winner is Dorothea, a girl who can attack by shooting technology blocks. This female warrior should be placed behind to make the most of her range. There are many other generals; Richard has excellent damage; Witch, the mage, can freeze enemies.

Dream Defenders android

The rewards are highly diverse

Corresponding to the number of heroes the player owns, the number of rewards is also incalculable. After each winning game screen, the player will receive tremendous gold and crystals. These items are indispensable for upgrading a character’s stats and skills. Besides, the reward after each game screen can also be powerful generals. Specifically, reaching three stars after passing the third level, Captain is the champion for you. In addition, diamonds will be your reward for achieving the game’s achievements. With sufficient diamonds, you can choose and buy your favorite champions.

Dream Defenders apk

Goalkeeper and futuristic cyberpunk setting, this is a leap forward combination. If you are bored with tower defense games with warriors holding swords, shield in the other hand. Then it’s time for you to experience the futuristic gameplay and graphics. Download the Dream Defenders mod to collect many heroes, use each person’s unique skills and preserve core memory.

Download Dream Defenders MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/Unlimited skills) for Android

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