Score! Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy) 3.25

Updated 25/04/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameScore! Hero APK
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, energy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Score! Hero

Score! Heroes for soccer lovers with new gameplay from First Touch Games Ltd. But this is not a game for you to immerse yourself infamous players and participate in major football tournaments. Score! The hero is exactly where to create beautiful shots, from fixed situations. Your only opponent is not another player but a goalkeeper. Pass the ball to your teammates near your opponent’s golf and then try to create impressive Highlight phase. The main task of the player is to make the audience burst into joy when there is a goal. Do not let the coach hold his head in regret, let him be proud when you are on the team.

Football always needs quick handling for anyone involved but Score! Hero allows you to think for as long as you like. Players try to pass the ball to their teammates when the opponent is standing in front of you and they are ready to clear the ball. Play mode is built according to the season, you need to unlock each level. Most of the goals in the Score game! Hero always leaves a mark on the fans. It is not easy that you can put the ball into the opponent’s goal. Their goalkeepers are excellent, and the players only get through with accurate calculations.

Score Hero mod

Download Score! Hero MOD – Create excellent goals

Score! Hero is not limited to how you score. Countless historic shots will appear in short matches. Instead of spending the usual 90 minutes, Score! A hero only needs you to focus on the moment that determines the outcome. With 720+ levels, it is probably enough to partially satisfy the passion of the grass inside you. Goals are not as easy to get as the opening stages, that you will feel most clearly. Although not a fierce competition for control of the ball like Dream League Soccer, you need to choose the direction of the ball to not be blocked by the opponent. Any negligence you encounter must pay the price. Be it with money or playing from the beginning, the choice is up to you.

Mode to play seasonal sports

Choose the team you want to join, Mexico, USA, Brazil, or whatever country you love. After a conversation with the coach and handshake, you will officially play the game. As mentioned above, with the number of extreme levels many players face enough other excellent players. They are always ready to find a way to clear the ball for you not to achieve the goal. Cannot underestimate the opponent’s defence system because it will make you have to shoot again and again. Score! Hero does not need a quick termination phase. It is important that you take accurate shots that break the opponent’s goal.

Score Hero mod apk

Player energy

A footballer always needs to be physically strong enough to play with an hour and a half of play. Score! The hero is no exception, every phase of casting the ball consumes energy. Make sure you always add the conditions for the player. Score! Hero MOD does not limit money, the energy from GameDVA makes the matches less stressful.

Graphics and sound effects

Score! Hero is a lightweight game but not for this reason that the image and sound quality is low. Right from the beginning of the game mode, you can immediately see the calibration that the developer built. Naturally, if you are thinking that compared to games like FIFA, it is a lame thing. Song for a simple game of football like Score! Hero, that was a commendable effort.

Score Hero mod download

Score! Hero brings scoring goals that shine on the big stadium. Meeting good players from many countries around the world, you will quickly learn how to play football effectively. Download Score! Hero MOD is ready to launch special moves that make the opponent cannot timely respond to super-strong shots.

How to Download & Install Score! Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy) for Android


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3 years ago

Unlimited energy is working but Unlimited Money is not working, please fix it.

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