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Updated 08/12/2023 (3 months ago)
NameSchool of Chaos APK
PublisherVNL Entertainment Ltd
CategoryRole Playing
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SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Introduce MOD APK School of Chaos

Warning!!! The school is now suffering from a terrifying zombie apocalypse. Where is the teacher now? No teachers? Maybe they were eaten by the undead? Then it is true that students will be able to do whatever they love, right? It’s so fascinating and so wonderful. So what about the danger of the undead ahead? Surely it will be only us who stand up to fight them. Welcome to School of Chaos. The place where you will fight in the most sacred environment is the school. But there aren’t any teachers here. So we can do whatever we like.

School of Chaos is an MMORPG that, at first glance, you won’t believe it is. Set in a school that evil zombies have surrounded. The teacher was nowhere to be seen. Your only task now is to stand up and fight to protect yourself. For there is no symbol of justice is the teacher. Problems like school violence will happen continuously. You have no choice but to resist and survive until you are freed.

School of Chaos mod apk free

Download School of Chaos – Chaos in the location school

We will play with hundreds, even thousands of characters at the same time in real-time. At this ruined school now, there are only 2 forces. It was the students and the bloodthirsty zombies. You will use all your skills to fight in this crazy world where there was no longer any presence of justice. Now the only goal is to survive or die. Choose and design your character the way you like it. Enter the battlefield to do quests, fight the undead, earn more friends, create new companions.

This will include all the work you want to do in an immersive world. However, it is different from the beautiful mythological fantasy world context. School of Chaos will take you into the school. A place that is only for learning and entertainment activities. But now the teacher is no longer present. Everyone will turn it into a battlefield. Let the school be whatever you think makes the most sense right now. However, this is all just a fantasy. Don’t use anything in real life.

School of Chaos mod free

Possessing the most bizarre weapons

All weapons from different genres in the online game will appear at School of Chaos. You can freely choose your favorite weapon. More than 1000 different weapons, from real items such as chainsaws, swords, hammers. Until the mythical weapons in many famous games such as claws, holy swords, magic staff. Many things don’t seem to be weapons, such as Christmas candy, STOP signs… The weirdest things can appear, and you have the right to choose any type you like. Sounds funny and interesting.

School of Chaos mod

Meet classmates and fight together

Up to thousands of players play together at the same time. Surely at a certain point, you will meet a friend. As well as being his most trusted comrade. Work together to fight against bullies and zombies. Work together on quests and increase your power to the maximum. This is definitely going to be the most fun time in the game you’ll ever have. Earn even more clans to form an army of champions together. Fight without fear of any enemies.

School of Chaos mod apk

Own and design your own home

Not just fighting and doing quests. You even get to own a house of your own, with so many different designs and spaces. Owning a house is extremely simple in School of Chaos. So you can invite your group of friends to the party. Dance jubilantly to dispel fatigue. Add more fun and memories with the game and friends. A house with many beautiful furniture and decorations is also a great place to rest after the most intense and exhausting battles.

School of Chaos mod mod

All the elements of an MMORPG will converge in the School of Chaos. Although with hilarious backgrounds and graphics. But this is still a game worth playing because of its community and solidarity design. We can be friends with anyone on the battlefield. Be good teammates and help each other in times of trouble. School of Chaos mod is a great game to dispel fatigue and boredom.

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