Bud Farm: Grass Roots MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) 30.0.13

Updated 22/07/2023 (2 months ago)
NameBud Farm: Grass Roots APK
PublisherLDRLY Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, items
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Bud Farm: Grass Roots MOD APK

How many strange thoughts have you come up with? Have you ever wanted to try a banned drug but were afraid of society finding out and being shunned by everyone? I’m just kidding. The consequences will be terrible. There is a game for you to try out. But not for you to taste it, but to show you where those drugs come from. The game is called Bud Game: Grass Roots, giving you a completely new and unique experience with a humorous plot. Grow plants and grow them further and further into the future.

Welcome to the world of the illegal – Bud Game: Grass Roots. A game that simulates the cultivation of especially gentle greens for an adult audience. Your virtual plant farm, built and grown by you. Fulfill orders for guests coming here. Make your farm famous all over the world. Spread all the plants you have. There are many things you have to do. Let’s explore a little bit about this place!

Bud Farm mod

Download Bud Game: Grass Roots mod – Illegal drug farm

The story takes place in a mysterious country, which has a peaceful life. Until one day, a fire broke out in a forest dedicated to growing opium poppy. The atmosphere is filled with infection. The people here, too, were excited by the drug. War broke out with protests demanding a large supply of opium. Since then, the national flag has been changed. The development of the country has also changed since then. The novel reform has turned into a place that smells of smoke, with no way but to meet people’s needs to survive.

You and a new leader of the nation’s reform go to a deserted farm to cultivate. Looking for an empty place to start a business. And here we are going to plant what they want. That’s right, marijuana. There is nothing better than having the mind of a business person. While people are short of medicine, you open up grounds to grow them. To increase income, to not have to lack meals. Trade with people wisely for a great profit. Money is waiting for you. Grab it.

Bud Farm mod apk

The main aim of the game

So, what is your goal? Is to become a successful businessman in the opium village. There will always be loot when you reach a specified level in the game. Try to collect the achievements that Bud Game: Grass Roots offers. This will make building your farm a bit easier. It also increases the quality of their products sold.

Bud Farm mod apk free

Upgrade the crops

You will be provided with more than 15 different types of plants to grow. The new and best seeds will always be available to you. Each species will have a different development time. Use the best fertilizer and growth agent to promote plant growth. And, of course, the price of each species will be quite different when sold out. Daily irrigation, composting, killing pathogens harmful to plants. This is your main job here. Make the best products, satisfy your customers. The more customers there are, the more sales will be.

Bud Farm mod free

Decorate your garden

In addition to farming, you can also decorate your farm to your liking in your free time. Make a lot of money from trading. It’s a place to grow opium, but turning a shabby place into a place you like will make you want to work harder. Various types of decoration to satisfy your design.

Expand the scale of production

At the same time, in planting trees, you are allowed to open bakeries, dairy shops… Create dishes with new flavors. Make your guests even more excited. Full range of dishes from main dishes to side dishes such as cookies, sandwiches… Expand your land through each level to earn more new stalls. Make the most of the water right next to you to make the most of your business. Once you have a strong base, your hands alone are not enough to do all the work. So Bud Game: Grass Roots allows you to hire people. The workers soon get used to the smell, so they’ll get to work as soon as you call.

Bud Farm mod free apk

So have you wanted to become a drug tycoon? Bud Game: Grass Roots is a game that gives you a feeling of lightness and relaxation. The gameplay is simple like any other farming game, except for the plants you have to grow. Quickly try to experience this new and fascinating game just by downloading Bud Game: Grass Roots mod. Everything is here and waiting for you.

How to Download & Install Bud Farm: Grass Roots MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) for Android

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