Save the Pets: Tycoon MOD APK (Menu/Speed 20x) 1.5.8

Updated 30/08/2023 (6 months ago)
NameSave the Pets: Tycoon APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Speed 20x
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Save the Pets: Tycoon

Save the Pets: Tycoon MOD APK – is an ideal destination for people with sick pets and you will be the one to treat them. The subjects who came to this clinic were numerous wealthy ladies and mistresses who seemed to be from all walks of life. Their pets are mainly dogs and cats; there will be different types depending on the type of disease and their body characteristics to give prescriptions to the owner. Make a lot of profit because if you want to do a good job, you must be rich enough to be able to do it; the money you earn should be used to invest in modern machinery and equipment.

Your medical examination and treatment system will start with the most straightforward equipment, the most minimalistic space and only you. Build your reputation by doing business with big clients. That will attract more and more customers to use your service. The more people come, the more income will be increased and as a matter of course, to meet the massive demand for the number of customers, the equipment must be more modern to detect diseases. The latest and need a team of doctors to support the related work for you. It’s a picture of the perfect route you need to take as you go through the experience.

Save the Pets Tycoon mod free min

Download Save the Pets: Tycoon MOD APK – Private clinic with the responsibility of saving pets

This world was made up of various animals and plants from time immemorial. Each species has its way of survival; some have a symbiotic relationship with each other, but on the contrary, some species are natural enemies and are ready to destroy each other. All of that creates a highly diverse ecosystem of the blue planet. But since its appearance, we humans have proved to be dominant above all. Although not large and robust, wisdom is the most potent weapon of man against creatures much more extensive and robust than in ancient times.

Save the Pets Tycoon mod apk min

Strange disease and rapid spread

In the game, a strange disease appeared that caused many animals to have reduced resistance. The disease spread so quickly that veterinary hospitals were full and could not accommodate an additional animal. That makes some individuals with weaker resistance even die immediately upon infection. The rest are suffering from daily torment with diseases they can fight independently. With the number of cases increasing dramatically by the day, veterinary hospitals have become exhausted and seem unable to continue working.

Save the Pets Tycoon free min

Become the saviour for thousands of families

As a child, with the nature of work, parents did not spend much time with you. Only a small dog at home is always cheerful and playful with you at all times. That’s why you fully understand the importance of pets to humans, and decide to study the causative agent in the current situation. After a long hard work, you finally have a specific medicine for this disease. You have opened a healing facility for these poor animals using all the money you have accumulated. All animals will receive a dose of medicine depending on their condition and species.

Save the Pets Tycoon mod min

Various creatures

When you open your store, many customers visit when they hear about your reputation. At first, there will only be highly familiar creatures such as dogs and cats. But later on, there will be more and more creatures such as parrots, hamsters, and lizards. Each species will have a different condition and condition, so you cannot give the wrong medicine to a customer because once they overdose, they will die immediately or cannot be cured completely. Those pets will reflect part of the personality of their owners, so you can rely on that to know how to work.

Save the Pets Tycoon mod apk free min

Expand and develop

Once you have had particular successes, it’s time to upgrade your facilities to save more animals. Turn your one-member shop into a whole facility and, even more , significantly, a network covered everywhere with the best veterinarians, the most modern machines and the broadest range of pharmaceuticals . Investing in the best to save these little creatures is never wasted. Be the leader in rescuing pets at Save the Pets: Tycoon MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Save the Pets: Tycoon MOD APK (Menu/Speed 20x) for Android


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