Sandbox 3D MOD APK (Free shopping, god mode, antikick) 0.3.9

Updated 05/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameSandbox 3D APK
PublisherCatsbit Games
MOD FeaturesFree shopping, god mode, antikick
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Sandbox 3D

A game with a name that represents its genre – Sandbox 3D. Put a free world in a 3D environment. Everyone can join and create their things. Sandbox 3D is a virtual environment and hosts hundreds of thousands of servers around the world. You and everyone will join together on any server. Create themes and works suitable to explore in that server. The most important thing when playing Sandbox 3D is creativity. Create your world with many exciting themes to enjoy with friends without limits.

The player is the most important thing to create an exciting environment in Sandbox 3D. That’s right, without two to three players or more, this game is uninteresting. You and everyone will create things together in the empty world. From buildings, vehicles, landscapes… Then do whatever you like. Even set the rules of this world to control people’s activities. This is to avoid extreme and illegal activities lurking in Sandbox 3D.

Sandbox 3D mod

Download Sandbox 3D mod – Create countless worlds with friends

Everything you create in any world will be saved if you haven’t removed it and made it public. Each server will have a host. If you create a world, you are in charge. Other people joining your server will be considered guests. Depending on the mode in the server, the guest and the host will have different permissions. Everyone will work together to create the world they want. Create buildings with walls and backgrounds. Decorate with different types of furniture. Create nature to make the world more vivid.

There are two main modes in Sandbox 3D, public and private. In public mode, everyone can do whatever they want. Both the host and the guest can add and remove anything, regardless of whether it was created by them or someone else. In private mode, it’s completely different. Each person can make and delete their things. However, it will not affect anything of other people. Even the host will not be able to delete other people’s stuff. But still have the right to allow or block anyone from entering your server.

Sandbox 3D mod apk

Main Worlds

If you are still too vague about creating the world, let Sandbox 3D help you a little. There are five basic worlds for you to start as soon as you set up your server. Deserts, race tracks, military bases, stadiums and modern cities. All will stretch to infinity in the world of servers. Each of these worlds is suitable for you and everyone to form an interesting topic. Maybe a mysterious civilization exists in the desert. A military base with the most intense battles. Extreme car races and fierce competition. It will all depend on your imagination.

Sandbox 3D mod apk free

Unique character designs

The character system in Sandbox 3D is equally diverse, and the number is constantly increasing with updates. You will now have more than ten avatars on your server. Each character has costumes representing many distinct civilizations. From the samurai of the Warring States period. Pirates, ninjas from many separate worlds. Even anime characters or epic fighting robots. These character creations are suitable for deploying many exciting storylines on the server. As long as many people are involved, we will have the most compelling story.

Sandbox 3D mod free

Fully functional vehicle

There is no means of transportation in the open world; it is indeed a significant shortcoming. Of course, you still can move through the air from all angles as a creator. However, driving supercars or planes is still much more enjoyable. The number of vehicles in Sandbox 3D is also more than 10. From cars, racing cars, buses, helicopters, jets… It would help if you learned how to control them before actually doing it. Climb and move. Vehicles are also an integral part of many real-world stories. Overall, Sandbox 3D provides everything to help you build the perfect world.

Sandbox 3D free

Loads of tools to add and create your fantasy world. Invite more friends to join many exciting stories that you have never done. Sandbox 3D is a place where the creativity of players is not limited. Everything you can think of will become a reality in hundreds of thousands of servers. If you need a place to get creative with anything, Sandbox 3D mod is one of the games you must try.

How to Download & Install Sandbox 3D MOD APK (Free shopping, god mode, antikick) for Android


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