Pet Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Energy) 3.5

Updated 01/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NamePet Idle APK
PublisherProta Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Coin/Energy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Pet Idle

Pet Idle MOD APK challenges your ability to care for pets with different activities. You will join an exciting simulator where you can communicate with pets. And you will come into contact with them in different activities at the house you build. You use This special place to house and raise your favourite animals. So you can adopt any type of pet and start caring for them. Then you will have a cosy home for animals with your attention. Get ready to build a house where you can raise animals.

You are an animal lover and will aim to create a home to nurture them. Here, you can care for different needs such as bathing, eating and resting. But to fully satisfy, you need to have care skills and a love for animals. And it would be best if you also practised over time so that they receive your best affection. So you should regularly contact them and get acquainted with each animal. This way, they will agree to let you care for them, and you will have beautiful memories with them. Start raising and caring for each type of animal you raise under the roof you build.

Pet Idle mod

Download Pet Idle MOD APK – Experience animal care activities

Caring for pets in real life will take a lot of time. But those activities just got easier with the new pet simulator. And when you start your job, you will build a home to raise all kinds of pets. Then, you can pour all your love into caring for them. Regardless of whether they are dogs or cats, they are the animals you love most in your home. And there is another difference: pets can level up when they have a good life. Take the challenge of raising animals and caring for them in your cosy home.

Pet Idle apk

Lovely pets

You are the manager of a special home where every pet is treated equally. And you will take care of them with all your animal love. Those activities will start when you adopt some animals like dogs or cats. With your care activities, you will help them have the happiest life. So you’ll want to get new animals to help make this place more exciting. There will be 19 types of pets with unique personality traits that can affect the care process. So it would be best if you got in touch to understand and care for them properly in Pet Idle MOD APK.

Pet Idle mod apk

Care activities

Animals need human care to have a good life. And there will be lucky animals that you adopt and care for in your home. So you can start taking care of them with different activities. First, bathe and wipe your pet so it looks clean and cute. Then, it would be best to create areas where they can walk, eat, play and sleep. However, you need to observe the characteristics of each pet for the best care activities. Carry out pet care activities right in your home.

Pet Idle free

Have fun with pets

You are a pet sitter at a simulator with lots of fun activities. And with help from robots and aircraft, those activities will take place more smoothly. So you will have more time to play with the pets in your house. You can teach them skills like sitting, running or rolling over obstacles. These are items you buy to decorate your house’s interior and create a playground for animals. Or you can take your pet to the garden where there are many different types of plants. Decorate your pets and join them in fun activities.

Pet Idle android

Expanding new areas to raise animals in your house would be best. However, this will require a lot of money, and you will still have to continue caring for the animal. They will help you make money if you have a happy life in your home. So please carry out activities to interact with and care for lovely pets. Each species will have personalities for you to learn and respond to when adopting them into the animal house. But don’t forget to have fun with them and create the best memories. Download Pet Idle MOD APK to take care of pets and raise them with your love for animals.

How to Download & Install Pet Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Energy) for Android


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