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Updated on 29/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameLife is a Game APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A human’s life will be realistically simulated in Life is a Game. Starting from the moment of being born as a child, everyone goes through a process of growing up and growing up. If we consider life as a game, we are all players with our own ways of playing. The common point of each person has the same starting and ending. Everyone is born and then must die, but fate is not the same. Life is a Game for players to experience the feeling of living a life based on the idea of running a marathon. Opportunities, challenges, and difficulties all come along the way. Players need to control the character to get the best.

Life is a Game that creates a race of their own. Everyone wants to soon achieve their goals like finishing. The gameplay for you starts from the moment of birth, choose the character according to the gender you like, and create your own game. Success is something everyone wants to have, but to achieve it, not everyone has that ability. Life is a Game that gives you many opportunities to grasp but there are risks. This life is not really safe if you want to change it completely.

life is a game mod

Download Life is a Game mod – Experience your own life

Life is a Game that brings real life into a full simulation with specific stages. From childhood to school and graduate looking for a job are transformed into attractive gameplay. The most important things throughout life like health are the ones that need attention. You can have many opportunities and do everything well, but without health, your life expectancy is very low. Life is a Game with a long race with simple controls. Select things on the go or jump to skip. Be careful not to touch harmful objects on the road such as bacteria.

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Life simulation

Life is a Game for you to choose and freely decide your own life. It can be good or bad, with each option having its own outcome. Since you were a kid, will you act like a good kid or do you often draw graffiti on the wall? Very realistic scenarios are incorporated into the gameplay of Life is a Game. Players will take a look at their childhood as well as the memories they have had. Try changing things that happened in the past to make your life better.

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Build your career

In fact, how each person becomes a role model depends on the small habits of each day. From neatly arranging furniture to personalities like hard work or laziness. Everyone needs to pass the time as a student in school, Life is a Game that creates such a life. However. The player can be either an outstanding student or an exceptional student. You choose a busy life with homework or lazy and playful. All these actions are to create who you are and lead to your own destiny.

Family and health

After having a stable job, it’s time to think about building your own family. But Life is a Game that allows you to choose a single life if you want. Besides, health training is also not to be missed. Perhaps no one wants to end life when life is too young. The average human age is 70 years old, you should at least reach that age. Have fun with family and friends in the authentic gameplay of Life is a Game. When you die, the level is over.

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Life is inherently a game that requires everyone to participate. Each difficulty leaves you with new experiences to improve your life skills. Decide on your own life, Life is a Game that does not limit how you play. Each option in the marathon running mode leaves the player with many very interesting things. Download Life is a Game mod, set a goal for your life, and complete it as best you can.

Download Life is a Game MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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