Russian Driver MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.1.4

Updated 12/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRussian Driver APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Russian Driver MOD APK detail?

Free purchases with real money (you need Internet and authorization in Google services, if the price is not loaded and the item is not purchased, then completely stop the game, clear the Play Store data (you won’t have to login again) and restart the game).

Introduce MOD APK Russian Driver

Russian Driver is another action-adventure driving game worth trying. Do you like the simulation of fun when the characters are created and the background is nostalgic? Like in the 90s, you will experience and show off your driving skills. This is also a globally famous GTA game genre and is popular with many people today. Have you ever had the feeling of driving a real car? This will be built most authentically at Russian Driver. However, do you think the main task is only to drive various vehicles? What a mistake. There will be exciting missions and challenges waiting for you. A somewhat nostalgic setting in a beautiful Russian city will be opened before our eyes.

Dominate the cars on every track and weave your way to discover unique nooks and crannies. Imagine as an adventure and master to welcome things to come. With accessible game mode and special features are always ready for you to conquer immediately. Feel a new atmosphere in the game and meet interesting stories right away!

Russian Driver mod

Download Russian Driver mod – Driving fun

If gamers have ever conquered the GTA genre, they must have more or less understood. The common feature of this genre is overcoming challenges and controlling vehicles. There will be a full range of vehicles from two wheels to four for you to show off. Briefly, let us imagine its richness and diversity. You will meet with 20 vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, pickups, and sewing machines. In addition, there are extreme sports buses and vehicles anyone wants to own. The game requires your control and flexible movement when participating in traffic. There will be specific controls on the screen to make it easier for players to use. They include moving left and right, braking, reversing, and starting,… among other features. You will easily control and use it a few times, gradually becoming more professional.

Russian Driver apk

Context selection

Any game is significant in terms of content and manner. This is to create excitement and reduce boredom when logging in. With Russian Driver too, how do you think when you are transformed into different characters. With various jobs to control the most suitable vehicles. Become anyone and choose an environment you want in the game. Be it the policeman, the nurse, the teacher, the driver of the cars, … and many other special characters. Weather is also a deciding factor for the player, as you can change it. Whatever day or night, sunny or drizzly,… everything is under your control. The features become more unique to create the most freedom and comfort for users.

Russian Driver mod apk

Overcoming challenges

Do you think the simple task in this game is just driving? You also have to overcome challenges and earn money to buy the necessary equipment. Your car also needs more innovations and evolution to conquer other opponents. Note that green is the team car, red is the opponent, and yellow is necessary for the area. Find the fastest roads and prove your driving skills with the available maps. Move the camera so it won’t be out of sight and save the car time. Players will earn many bonuses when working efficiency is high and stable. There will be attractive gifts for those who conquer this race well. Apply all knowledge and flexible fingers to make the car more and more modern and modern. Show that you are a professional racing driver and overtake rival vehicles.

Russian Driver android


Not only using it to be highly entertaining, but this game also teaches us a lot of things when driving. First, we will learn advantageous knowledge in traffic safety. If you violate, the game will not let you move the car. For example, parking safely, following regulations, appropriate speed, and improving skills. There will be pretty dangerous and rugged-built maps to challenge your driving instincts. Prepare to take on challenges with small trails and rugged mountain slopes, …

Russian Driver apk free

All will be in Russian Driver. The details and all the characters are built quite honestly, like in real life. Overall, this is a game worth trying for speed enthusiasts. Download Russian Driver mod, experience it with friends, and guess who conquers the best roads right now!

How to Download & Install Russian Driver MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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