Pixel Combat MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Unlimited money, ammo, god mode) 5.4.13

Updated 09/04/2024 (5 days ago)
NamePixel Combat APK
PublisherGS Games Studio
MOD FeaturesMEGAMOD/Unlimited money, ammo, god mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pixel Combat MOD APK detail?


  1. One hit kill
  2. God mode
  3. Unlimited ammo
  4. Unlimited money
  5. Unlocked all weapon
  6. Unlocked all skins weapon


  1. Unlimited money, ammo, medkit
  2. Immortal
  3. Unlocked weapon Skin, Stable Portal Waves
  4. Free Lucky Spin


You will get a lot of money after completing the tutorial

Introduce MOD APK Pixel Combat

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike is an outstanding game with graphic images designed in the form of pixels. Transformed into the right gunman, you will destroy the zombies in the house. Your mission is to protect yourself and others from the terrifying undead. All are portrayed through new graphics, characters, as well as enemies, are made up of colorful squares. Humanity gradually sinks into the control of zombies as they gradually appear in many places. Pixel Combat gives you heavyweight, and at the same time, you have to deal with many different problems. Players need a large amount of ammunition to survive confrontations.

The enemy’s characteristic is that they often act in large numbers. When they find someone else they will harm them if that person does not act against it. It’s dangerous if you let that happen, humanity is in danger of extinction. Players should hold weapons in hand and destroy those attacking you. Pixel Combat with challenges for players with many different roles. The battle this time is not easy, prepare your spirit and step into the first levels.

Pixel Combat mod

Download Pixel Combat mod – Prevent apocalypse caused by monsters

Pixel Combat with story-built gameplay with a diverse weapon system. The fierce battlefield of the player and zombies is always something no one expects it to happen. But if you do not protest, you will lose your life. Apparently, this is no longer a lost story, but it is also vital. Building the time machine and saving others is identified as the two main tasks in the game. Zombies can only attack humans at close range. So keep some distance from them to keep it safe. Equipped with guns and ammunition is an advantage, but also pay attention to the amount of ammo you have.

Pixel Combat mod download

Weapon system many options

Pixel Combat has a variety of weapons for the player to choose freely before fighting. You can search by categories such as basic, primary, melee, special … Actually, I can’t list all the guns in this game. That is a large amount that makes accounting difficult. Find out about the arsenal by yourself when you experience, I am sure that you will be surprised when choosing them.

Many maps

Pixel Combat has many maps, but players also need to unlock it if you want to join the new location. Offices, markets, halls of thrones, are some of the locations in this game. Depending on the design and complexity, you will need a little or a lot to unlock different maps. Every time you step into a new room you will need to get used to it all over again. Layout, design, everything has been completely changed. The appearance of monsters sometimes startles you too.

Pixel Combat mod apk

The gameplay of Pixel Combat is actually not new, but the new point of the game lies in the graphics quality. Ready to open fire attack before the zombies have a horror shape. You need to fight constantly to ensure your own safety. Don’t forget to create a time machine and save other people in need. Download Pixel Combat mod to take on your noble mission and destroy the bad guys raging everywhere.

How to Download & Install Pixel Combat MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Unlimited money, ammo, god mode) for Android


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