Royal Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) 1.1.1

Updated 16/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameRoyal Adventure APK
PublisherYU-one Game
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, God mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Royal Adventure MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Attack Multiplier
3. Diamond Multiplier ( after completing stage, don’t exceed 2,147,483,647 or game will crash )
4. God Mode
5. Faster Move Speed

Introduce MOD APK Royal Adventure

Royal Adventure, as the name implies, is an adventure of royal members on the way to find answers to mysteries. Both a leader and an explorer of mysteries. In a faraway country ruled by a king known for his kindness. Suddenly one rainy night, the king was assassinated, and the kidnapped princess’s whereabouts were unknown. The entire kingdom fell into chaos like a headless snake. As a disciple of the national master, you receive orders from someone to investigate and find out where the princess is being held. Form an adventure team to help each other find and rebuild a mighty kingdom.

Under the orders of the national master, posted a notice to recruit all heroes, magicians, talented and brave people. Players form a squad of magicians and heroes ready to join the mysterious adventure. Control the entire team to participate in levels to win hints as well as gifts. Before entering the battle, players choose the strongest heroes in the squad. Form the most perfect position before facing the evil monsters. Explore new lands across a variety of terrain and weather areas. Mysterious and fanciful lands are waiting for your army.

Royal Adventure apk free

Download Royal Adventure mod – Adventure to rescue the kidnapped princess and imprisoned in the deep forest

The cards that store the information and stats of the heroes are arranged in rows of 3 consecutive cards. Just click on the card with the hero you feel is suitable to participate in this battle. Depending on the level, gathering the necessary number of people is okay. Then your heroes are taken to an area full of monsters. Control the entire squad with the scroll button on the left corner of the screen. Click on monsters to apply the nearest hero’s power to it. In addition to attacking, it is necessary to move quickly to avoid the attacks of these monsters. They also run in succession to attack the player.

Royal Adventure apk

Build an army

As mentioned above, the player assembles an army of heroes and students under the orders of the national master. This army consists of the most elite members. To be able to collect and recruit them, players need to collect hero cards through reward chests or purchase in the store. The mage girl with an attractive red dress, holding a magic wooden staff. Super thief with tight clothes, holding two small but martial children in his hand. Goblin with white hair and striking purple cape. These heroes can all equip power elements and have stats such as defense, attack, or deception in the corner of the card.

Royal Adventure android

Leading the team

So that all members of the Royal Adventure squad can support each other smoothly. Players need to actively participate in different modes and levels to train them. Having a spirit and leadership ability, players can easily arrange positions for the characters. Explore lands as diverse and mysterious as the dark streets. Maybe in a green forest surrounded by tall trees. Or a hot lava field with flaming flints. Or in winter with white ice forest. Each place has monsters suitable for the climate here.

Royal Adventure mod apk

Fight with monsters

Royal Adventure’s monster army changes after each stage and region. They land in large numbers and attack the player in a rush. The green demons wore red capes and red veils. In the lava area, there are orange two-horned demons. This army is led by a knight wearing a mask of a Halloween pumpkin. Riding on a fire dragon and wearing a red cape. Or the army of muscular white-haired gorillas. His eyes were black with a fiery murderous aura. Behind these gorillas is an ice-type war demon with a giant blade.

Royal Adventure mod

Besides the difficulties players encounter, there are valuable gifts waiting. They are housed in an intricately carved stone chest. Having to kill all the monsters, the new treasure chest appears with a bright yellow halo. Besides, there is a hint for the position of the princess’s detention. Around the place where the treasure chest is located, there are stone pillars containing the power gem. Includes five gems representing five different power systems. Download Royal Adventure mod to become an adventurer in search of a captive princess.

How to Download & Install Royal Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) for Android


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