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Updated 20/11/2023 (1 week ago)
NameRotation Control APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Rotation Control

Rotation Control Pro MOD APK can help you change the rotation direction of applications. From there, we can immediately create a space suitable for our activities. It will also match the app’s optimization for your device. Games also need this change to rotate in the right direction. Avoid having to encounter ironic situations. The screen will now no longer need to turn haphazardly. Instead, when you start anything, it will become suitable. Install the optimal horizontal or vertical screen for what you need. From there, we can comfortably experience everything in the best possible conditions.

Many devices do not support the screen rotation function well for applications. It makes users feel uncomfortable when the screen constantly adjusts the rotation direction. However, sometimes, it also comes from ineffective application optimization methods. It also doesn’t allow you to rotate the screen manually. So, Rotation Control Pro was born to change this. It can help you turn the screen quickly and purposefully. It helps us to immediately choose the rotation type that suits the application’s design. Especially for games you regularly participate in. They will no longer make us uncomfortable when locked in the right direction for our needs.

Rotation Control Pro mod apk

Download the Rotation Control Pro mod app to rotate the screen more effectively.

Rotation Control Pro will be used for the basic needs of users. For example, you can use your screen in landscape orientation. Use vertical screen apps like games or social networks. It’s also possible to set your tablet always to be used in landscape mode. We can even switch between vertical and horizontal screens. Be proactive in any situation if it is not appropriate. Completely replace the automatic screen rotation on the device. This creates a comfortable environment for entertainment and work. Simple but used scientifically and intelligently to serve everyone.

Rotation settings

Users can set the device’s screen to the default direction they want with Rotation Control Pro mod app. We can choose the default horizontal or vertical screen during use. You can also leave it in automatic rotation mode to save adjustment time. The screen will automatically rotate every time you turn the device. Operations are performed faster than usual. It helps you no longer feel uncomfortable waiting for the screen to turn as desired. Screen rotation can be done with a high level of automation. Thereby bringing you a better experience while using applications for pure entertainment.

Rotation Control Pro mod

Notification settings

You can take advantage of the notification bar to rotate the screen. Instead of using an application to operate, you can take advantage of this helpful tool. We must pull down the notification bar and press the screen rotation button. So you can easily set the screen in landscape or portrait mode. This method even becomes more effective than usual. It helps you be flexible in changing viewing directions. Apply to websites or watch movies as desired. When we are in a comfortable state, we are also completely relaxed—no need to use cumbersome operations to rotate the screen anymore.

Rotation Control Pro mod android

Settings for the application

Don’t you want to have to find the most suitable rotation every time you use the application? So, let’s always set the default settings for each frequently used application. You need to go to settings and select the application you want to adjust. Next, you will set it to default to boot according to the screen with the appropriate orientation. The remaining applications will be similar to these operations. So when you open that application, the device will automatically adjust to the desired direction. Of course, while using it, if needed, you can also change it. This style will also be convenient for us in many ways. Avoid screen rotation errors when the application starts.

Rotation Control Pro mod free

It can be seen that although it is just a simple application, it gives us many benefits. These benefits will help you optimize your relaxation in the long run. It also sets compatibility for the touch devices you are using. Personalize for each application and rotate the screen in the most optimal direction. From now on, turning the screen randomly is no longer a problem for us because of the support of Rotation Control Pro mod apk.

How to Download & Install Rotation Control APK for Android


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