Folder in Folder MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.3.4

Updated 29/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameFolder in Folder APK
PublisherChYK the dev
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Folder in Folder

We often directly use electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets to store essential documents at work and study because of the convenience of taking them anywhere. However, managing and finding them is not easy at all. So to help users continue to store everything on their devices, they will need the help of Folder in Folder. An excellent reorganization app that allows users to categorize and rearrange data files and apps on the device. By allowing users to create numerous subfolders within the root folder, Folder in Folder MOD APK (Unlocked) helps users always find what they need in a flash.

In addition, this application gives users a minimalistic but equally elegant interface, ensuring the convenience of use and meeting the aesthetics of the user. Create new, delete, copy, and move folders, and make the most of what Folder in Folder provides.

Folder in Folder mod android

Download Folder in Folder APK mod – Experience the benefits of subfolders

Folder in Folder APK 1.3.4 is a relatively new application that allows users to create new folders for different purposes. The number is unlimited; users can create as many new folders as they want because they are handy for managing and controlling everything on that mobile device. Users can move them to the right place with a few simple steps, whether a data file or an existing application. Folder in Folder also allows users to name and adjust the icon according to their preferences and decide the arrangement and classification. This application supports mobile phones and tablets, so all documents and applications will be organized most scientifically, no matter what device.

Folder in Folder mod android free

Create a Folder in a Folder

With Folder in Folder MOD APK, users can easily manage the applications and files they own on mobile devices. Instead of leaving things cluttered and unorganized, users can now create folders to sort things out individually. For data sets, users will be created subdirectories inside the root directories to store files. Users can also optionally name the Folder to make searching and distinguishing even more convenient. On the other hand, for hundreds of applications on the device, Folder in Folder will allow users to create new folders to store them. Applications with the same use and features will be stacked together, creating and moving until the screen becomes neat.

Folder in Folder mod

Set your preset folders

In addition to allowing users to create folders as they like freely, Folder in Folder can set itself up so predefined folders cannot be edited. They will bring a different category of functions to help users save time and energy in organizing and managing everything on their mobile devices. For example, a folder called “Recently updated applications” regularly shows users which applications have completed updating to the new version. Or the “Work” folder can automatically store all the user’s work-related documents, contracts, and emails in a single place. So even if the user does not create a new folder, the Folder in Folder will automatically operate to ensure everything follows order and order.

Folder in Folder mod apk

Provides a layer of protection for the Folder

Not only helps users neatly organize data in the device and applications on the main screen, but Folder in Folder also provides folders with an excellent layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. The user will choose between secured and unsecured options when creating a new folder. So for the key to the folders to be optimized, it is recommended that users should not be 100% secure and should only see a security layer for some critical folders. Social media platforms, browsers, banking, and some confidential corporate documents are the top choices that require security; without a password, it is impossible to access these applications. The remaining applications can be considered based on the level and purpose of use.

Download Folder in Folder mod to create a neat space on your mobile phone to conveniently manage applications and files.

How to Download & Install Folder in Folder MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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