Rob the Rich MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.2.850

Updated 17/07/2024 (1 day ago)
NameRob the Rich APK
PublisherEast Side Games Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Rob the Rich MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Cash*
2. Unlimited Gold Bars*
3. Unlimited Crypto Currency*
4. Unlimited Energy Drinks*
*never decrease when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Rob the Rich

Rob the Rich MOD APK (Unlimited money) is a game that helps gamers become Robin Hood of the digital age. Players will gradually become financial tycoons. And do it by as the name of the game, you will rob the rich people’s money. The context of the game is similar to the present time, so there is no traditional robbery. Since the digital age, our Robin Hood has trickier, faster tricks. You will hack into the financial software of large companies belonging to billionaire bosses. Once successfully infiltrated, you will be instructed on how to convert those funds. Stealing money from the rich in the digital age it’s too tempting.

The legendary outlaw hero, Robin Hood, was brought into the game. Same face with that smile, same green suit with trademark arrows. Now the guy Robin Hood continues to do his job, stealing money from the rich. However, with the updated modern nature of Rob the Rich, everything will be extraordinary. Players will join Robin Hood, hacking into companies with the most significant monetary value. Then will do the professional work of currency conversion, bypassing the police. It sounds simple, but in the process of playing, the thrill is always brought. Play Rob the Rich to become the Robin Hood of the new age.

Rob the Rich mod

Download Rob the Rich APK mod – Robbing money in the digital age

Becoming a person with strong financial resources overnight is the dream of many people. So how will you feel if you have a lot of money just by clicking on the screen? Rob the Rich APK 3.2.850 is a game that truly gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. Gamers will become the hero Robin Hood, using his abilities, robbing large amounts of money. That money is all from available sources, and the sources available here are companies. Billion-dollar companies whose owners are at the helm of the economy. However, indeed, nothing is easy; players risk being discovered by the police. Always be smart and alert when acting.

Rob the Rich apk free

Simple gameplay

The main task of the player in Rob the Rich MOD APK is to hack into the systems of large corporations. Convert money to cryptocurrency, and avoid investigation from the police. All these challenging jobs have been greatly simplified by the game maker. The main operation that gamers need to perform on the screen during the game is to click select. Tap the screen to collect the loot, or tap the screen fast to escape. There will be critical situations when Secret Service agents want to investigate. In situations where you need to process your usual amount quickly. Tap fast to convert as much as possible to crypto.

Rob the Rich apk

Bring back many allies

If there were only Robin Hood, getting rich would take a lot of time and energy. With that in mind, Rob Rich’s game maker has brought in a ton of great allies. These characters not only bring in large amounts of money, but they can also protect you. Let’s find out some valuable allies you will have a chance to recruit to the team. The first is Stonks Guy, an experienced investor wearing an elegant suit. This character will be the first to guide you to convert regular money to cryptocurrency. Next, a tycoon with a massive influence in the financial sector, Lumenatti. Possessing a unique triangular hat, the eye can see through all economic problems. Luminatti will be both an ally and an advisor to help players make the best decisions. There are also billionaires Bill Fates, technology king Elon Tusk, and even Guy Fox.

Rob the Rich mod apk

Discover companies

Rob the Rich also created various fertile economic zones to exploit. At the beginning of the game, gamers or Robin Hood will own the first company. This company makes games with the appearance of buttons on game controllers. After collecting a certain amount of economy, the player can unlock more companies. The second company is probably a place that sells dinosaur artifacts and fossils. Besides that, there is also a mining company where various gems and minerals are found. Some companies possess state-of-the-art technologies for the production of valuable chemicals. What if you had a company specializing in the field of spaceships? Try to invest the good money, and get yourself a company in that future field. There is also a company dealing in product packaging and raising aquatic animals.

Rob the Rich android

Stealing money from the rich is an act many people hear about, but not everyone can do it. However, with Rob the Rich, it is not difficult to implement that action. Download Rob the Rich mod to transform into the digital age Robin Hood, coordinate with many allies and become a billionaire.

How to Download & Install Rob the Rich MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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