Mini Soccer Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.27

Updated 09/07/2024 (3 days ago)
NameMini Soccer Star APK
PublisherViva Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Mini Soccer Star

Come to Mini Soccer Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to discover exciting football matches on a planet-wide scale. Mini football team simulation game in the form of lego players. You will play as a promising young footballer with an open career. Football has always been a king sport and attracts many participants. Therefore, the topic of football is no longer strange to the gaming community. Under the cheers of a large number of fans, you make the best transmissions to break your team’s net. Life and vibrancy filled the pitch. The cheers and screams of the fans give strength to you and your teammates to fight.

After choosing the player you want, the country, the player wants to serve. Then the player officially entered the difficult challenges that the manufacturer set. These challenges help players practice the ability to control the ball in the most flexible way. Everything is simulated like the real thing, from the pitch, the goal, and the barricade, to the crowded audience under the stands. There are many real football teams from all over the world. You can join the big teams from Europe, or you can compete for the national team. Use your strength to bring your reputation to the top of fame.

Mini Soccer Star apk

Download Mini Soccer Star APK mod – Join exciting planetary football matches with lego players

In front of you is a player standing behind a ball on the field, with a yellow arrow appearing behind that ball. Players control is extremely simple, just touch this arrow and then move to the appropriate position. Just follow these instructions to create divine shots. After controlling the arrow, the player is moved to the perspective from the ball. Based on the predetermined moves, the ball flies in the direction the arrow moves. It can be a shot into the net, a pass, a penalty, or some other strict requirement that the player has to overcome. The more you complete, the higher the score and chance.

Mini Soccer Star mod

Many players

When completing a mission or winning a certain request, the player can get new players. These players can be from different countries or teams. Each person has a unique appearance and a name of your own. There are players of color with purple uniforms. Or white players wearing blue uniforms with romantic beards. The players wore red uniforms with blonde hair swept back. The faces of the players are also very diverse. Some are happy, some are serious, and some have cute pink cheeks or sad face when the kick slips.

Mini Soccer Star android

Training level

In addition to the team competition mode, there are also training levels for players to practice skills. Here, players can participate in battles to improve the ability to control the ball. Depending on the level from easy to difficult, the challenges the manufacturer offers are also different. For example, in the first few levels, players need to kick the ball into the goal without any obstacles. Or more difficult is to take the corner. It is also possible that there are dolls in front of the goal to prevent you from hitting the goal. Or practice making passes to teammates without the ball’s eccentricity and direction.

Mini Soccer Star mod apk

Rewind mode

When the player makes the ball, or the transmission is deflected. They fly out of the field or over the goal and not in the direction you want them to. Then the player can touch the round green rewind button. The footage will be fast-forwarded back to when the player took that shot. Players can choose to change the direction of the arrow and reduce the force of impact so that the ball follows the direction you want. When participating in the tournament, players can change the player’s perspective with the small white camera image in the right corner. Change to create passes to teammates or see the goal better.

Mini Soccer Star apk free

When you complete all the requirements given and win the game screen. Players will be able to see their shots from different perspectives. There is also a goalkeeper mode for players to discover their skills. Standing in front of the goal, move the character to catch the balls flying towards him. Prevent them from conceding the home team’s goal. The weather is also changed to be close to the real scene. Download Mini Soccer Star APK 1.27 to explore the gray, rainy days the grass becomes slippery. Or the entire field is covered with layers of white snow and must be raked frequently.

How to Download & Install Mini Soccer Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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