Rival Gears Racing MOD APK (Unlimited boost/No traffic, crash) 1.1.5

Updated 02/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameRival Gears Racing APK
PublisherShortRound Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited boost/No traffic, crash
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Rival Gears Racing

Racing is an exciting passion for many people who love thrills and speed. Watching dangerous turns with cars makes us excited. But it’s not for us, and it’s for professional racers. However, we still have another option that is to play Rival Gears Racing. Get from yourself driving modern racing cars from the future. Overtake other racers to reach the finish line and win.

Racing games like Asphalt 9, Traffic Rider are dominating the mobile platform with terrible downloads. It shows the intense attraction of high-speed racing games to users. Rival Gears Racing is also created to compete with these games. But not a current context but of the future years to come. Humans are racing in jet-like cars. Bringing more modern technologies than conventional cars many times.

Rival Gears Racing mod free

Download Rival Gears Racing mod – Use your speed to win your opponent

In racing, the most important thing is your speed and skill. Without it, you will never get the victory you want. Rival Gears Racing will give you a car to start with. Take control of it to win your opponents in races. Use the left and right buttons on either side of the screen to help the car dodge obstacles. When you have enough energy, you can press the accelerator button to increase your speed. Do not allow an unintended collision, or it will lead to loss of balance. In many cases can cause you to crash and lead to loss. Would you mind honing your skills to be able to handle the operations according to your will?

Always keep a distance from your opponent when you are ahead at all costs. Can stop them from getting ahead or send them flying with impact. Accumulate a lot of mana points and make the most of the acceleration phases. Your opponents are all experienced riders, so be careful.

Rival Gears Racing mod download

Unique cars

Coming to Rival Gears Racing, you will admire a lot of different cool cars. These vehicles are designed from classic to modern styles. Each design creates a highlight with players in its own way. It will itself be incorporated with the technologies of the future. Players can choose any car they want to participate in the races. You can use resources to buy yourself more new cars. When you drive, you can feel what each car has to offer. They have different points and give a certain advantage to the player.

Rival Gears Racing mod apk

Team up and win

Just like in the movies, you can create your own favorite racing team. Invite close friends to play or make friends with others. Compete against other teams on the toughest tracks. Learn how to coordinate with your teammates to get your team to the finish line first. The feeling of racing with friends always makes us more excited than playing alone. Team racing will help you improve your team spirit. Open up bigger winning opportunities against strong opponents. Get countless attractive rewards when you win and split equally. Don’t miss the great moments with your teammates.

Win the event

For Rival Gears Racing, events will be held weekly for all audiences. During these events, there will be more amazing new racing maps. These maps are only open until the end of the event, so get in quick. New car models are also sold at a low price so that many people can access them. This is your chance to own new car models that are so much better than usual. Enrich your precious car collection and increase your choice. Along with that, good parts will also be on sale so you can upgrade your car. Don’t miss any attractive offers from Rival Gears Racing.

Rival Gears Racing mod android

Vehicle upgrade

Did you know that your cars will be more powerful when upgraded? Each vehicle contains Modules that increase the vehicle’s speed even further. These modules will be responsible for the steady speed of each vehicle. If you make these modules more advanced, then the speed will be greatly improved. Bring high efficiency when you control as well as easily overcome your opponents. It only takes a certain amount of resources to improve your module. Become a seasoned racer in Rival Gears Racing mod.

How to Download & Install Rival Gears Racing MOD APK (Unlimited boost/No traffic, crash) for Android


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