Horizon Chase MOD APK (Unlocked IAP, skins) 2.6.5

Updated 02/06/2023 (9 months ago)
NameHorizon Chase APK
PublisherAquiris Game Studio S.A
MOD FeaturesUnlocked IAP, skins
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Horizon Chase

Participating in races is a challenging task, and very few people do it. But without conditions, you can still come to Horizon Chase to fulfill your wishes. This is the place that will help you become real racers on the track. Own the best and most powerful cars to drive them. Show your skills on difficult tracks fraught with huge obstacles. Overcome many opponents to reach the finish line in first place on your own.

Racing games now often follow modern trends with extremely high graphics. But with Horizon Chase, will apply it in a completely different way. That is using 16-bit graphics that have been around for a long time in the game market. But it will be improved more to produce sharp images. The motion also becomes smoother for more engaging and engaging gameplay. This classic racing game has never been more attractive.

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Download Horizon Chase mod – Show your passion for speed

To be able to prove your talent, you have to come to the fiercest races. But first, you need to master the moves. Your left side will be arranged with two buttons, left and right, so that your car can turn in two directions. On the right will be a brake button for you to use in many cases. Use these buttons to steer your car past your opponents. Can perform collisions to send opponents flying. Do everything you can to achieve the highest position and finish in a superior way. There are a total of three laps, and you will have to complete it fully.

In difficult turns, if you drive, as usual, your car may slow down. It can even easily slip off the track. Try to use the turn button in combination with the brake to help the car perform the drift technique. This will give your opponent a chance to take the lead. It will help you keep pace and be able to outrun your opponents.

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Great cars

If you want to race, you need cars that can fully meet your needs. With more than 20 cars in Horizon Chase, you can freely own yourself. These cars all have beautiful designs, and some are even inspired by many great movies. When you own it, you can customize the appearance of your car with more beautiful colors. More expensive cars usually have more powerful engines. Help you conquer the races easily against many opponents. By participating in these races, you will earn yourself a lot of bonuses. Just work hard, and you can create an expensive car collection.

Horizon Chase mod apk

Various race locations

Wouldn’t it be boring to go around in a certain place with nothing special? But Horizon Chase gives you beautiful challenges. On each level, you are transported to a new racetrack with a completely different landscape: endless vast savannas, arid deserts, or snowy areas. In more difficult challenges, the weather factor will greatly affect the racing process. Heavy blizzards reduce visibility, and heavy rains show no sign of stopping. Not only that, but you can also play during times like morning or evening.

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Special challenge

Special challenges will be given to you every day to test your skills. It will include tasks that are quite difficult for you. But the rewards of these quests are well worth what you spend—loads of cash as well as resources or good parts for your car. Help a lot in your car collection and development. These challenges will be varying levels and requirements frequently. Avoid boredom for everyday players. Special racing modes are also part of the event. You can experience new sensations when participating in a new style of play.

The parts of your car are what make up a complete system. You can spend money to upgrade these components to become more powerful. The speed or agility of these vehicles is clearly improved. Bring a good result when you compete against stronger opponents. Constantly learning and experimenting with different play styles to develop yourself. Make Horizon Chase mod a place where you can be yourself. Never fear a big challenge and conquer it.

How to Download & Install Horizon Chase MOD APK (Unlocked IAP, skins) for Android


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