Rise Up MOD v2.8.8 (Unlocked all)

Posted 9 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name Rise Up
Publisher Serkan Özyılmaz
Version 2.8.8
Size 47M
MOD Features Unlocked all
Support Android 5.0+
Get it on Google Play

Return to childhood and release balloons to the sky with Rise Up. The bigger the balloon, the more points you get. But wait, things are not so simple. You need to protect the ball so that it is not broken by obstacles. Although the gameplay is easy to understand but to get good grades, you must hurry. Unlike the actual sky, the higher the obstacle the more obstacles appear. Just slow down a bit, Rise Up will make you stop the game. It has endless gameplay similar to Knife Hit, or Piano Tiles 2 ™. You set a record with a new score, in addition, there is no limit for each game screen. Please accept the change in difficulty between the challenges of this game.

To be honest, when I first played Rise Up I broke the ball 3 times to understand how to play. Probably because the gameplay is too simple, the publisher ignores the instructions. Certainly, many people have to go through the first few stages like me to understand the rules of Rise Up. With one finger combined with flexible visibility, you need to control the protective plate to prevent them from touching the ball. Just one mistake and the ball will break immediately and the screen will stop. There is no help between levels or support items. Play carefully to get the highest score.

Download Rise Up MOD – Protect your balloons

Rise Up constantly changes the type of map and the type of obstacles. As you ascend the balloon, you will have a clear division number. Be prepared to face what is about to happen. In order for your skill to control Shield to increase, you definitely have to trade with failure. A broken ball is actually a trivial matter, what is important for you to learn after each trip. But not always playing again, you still encounter obstacles like last time. Rise Up is quite diverse in changing the layout of each game screen.

Choose balloons

The color balls are constantly updated by Serkan Özyılmaz in the versions of the game. Choose a ball you want and use it to score points. Some balls require viewing ads to receive. Left Rise Up MOD has unlocked all balloons available, you can easily choose for free.

Choose a protective sheet

In addition to balloons, protective plates also have prominent shapes. Not only circle, sawtooth, star, square, are also some very good obstacle prevention icons. The shape of the protection is also effective because each phenotype will have a different effect. But the majority is still the ability of the player to decide whether to protect balloons or not?

Special game mode

With the Premium feature, Rise Up has more options besides challenging mode as in every version. The difficulty level is raised to a completely different level from the normal game screen. You can break the ball right after starting the game just a few seconds. It is very easy to make players angry because they can not maintain the game screen long enough as expected.

MOD Rise Up feature?

  • Unlocked balloons.
  • Unlocked Protector.

With just one finger you will use the shield to protect the ball from being broken by obstacles. Despite being constantly active, you still have time to rest between each transition to the next level. Download Rise Up MOD try to protect your balloon can fly to the highest.


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