Relic Battle MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Onehit kill) 0.1.8

Updated 05/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameRelic Battle APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Immortality, Onehit kill
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Relic Battle MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. One Hit Kill – Only working on monster
3. God Mode

Introduce MOD APK Relic Battle

Travel to the land of ancient ruins to observe and fight for conquest. Do not be afraid of anything in the harsh and bloody battles on the level. Destroy the action carnage of monstrous monsters in this Battle of the Relic game world. Play as the legendary ancient heroes possessing powerful superhuman strength. Purity lies in the pacing control of the game player interacting with the character. Bring people different missions and tasks corresponding to each character—defeat hordes of monsters to collect in-game pure power items and potions. Observe opponents as monstrous monsters to launch direct attacks on their weak points to optimize the trade damage power of skills to regain the player’s advantage.

Use the skills themselves, along with magical skills or physical strength—dance weapons to be able to attack the player, the monster that opens the journey. Proceed to the immediate gold points to conquer the mission set out in the game. Relic Battle is genuinely a thrilling game for gamers. Players use special features to easily enjoy the Relic Battle game in the best and most entertaining way. Exciting and thrilling combat situations entice players.

Relic Battle mod android

Download Relic Battle – Ancient Land

In the fighting role-playing game Relic Battle, players can use skills. Improving game-playing skills is suitable for shooting down multiple enemies. Game players will explore particular objects and wonders. Unleash exciting levels of the game through so many different locations. Experience the gripping appeal of this game through the gameplay of Relic Battle. The game has straightforward but beautiful gameplay for the players. Players can control the fighting characters with the operation keys on the video game device, such as moving back and forth, launching damage skills, and throwing physical bullets. Dodge the constant onslaught of enemies in the gameplay levels.

Relic Battle mod android free

Various characters

The characters are of different races and have different skill strengths from each other. Players own and role-play these characters to demonstrate their combat skills in memorable ancient battles at ancient relic sites. Relic Battle has a robust character system that is built richly and has a variety of representations. Players will have the absolute ownership of various special characters purchased in the store. Each character will be a mighty hero possessing skills and weapons in their inventory system that gives the player the story and understanding of the character’s unique features. Some characters will have the ability to attack close defense or attack sharpshooters from a distance.

Relic Battle mod

Use a move

Using special skills will drain the internal energy of the player’s character itself. Players must always think about what moves to operate as effectively as possible. The internal energy consumed by each skill deals damage or is defensive. Avoid squandering the limited energy in the game player characters themselves. Choose the power skills of the desired game players themselves. Start the Battle with the most potent super skills in the role-playing game Relic Battle. Level up stars to evolve superhuman skill power from combat hero skills. Shows strength stats that are continuously growing through each Battle. Unleash your most powerful moves to defeat the enemies that appear in the game Relic Battle.

Relic Battle mod apk

Battle Site System

The world in the fighting role-playing game Relic Battle is vast and open to players. More than 20 different vital locations are brought to the fore with various tough challenges. Going through it are six trim levels that go from easy to difficult in the battle areas in the game. Unlock with which are the levels of the most sublime battle ancient area. Going further, players will face stronger monsters.

Relic Battle mod apk free

The image covers the Battle when the player will have a top-down view of this Battle. Evolve and evolve to strengthen the game player’s characters themselves. Go far and far to defeat as many of the most powerful enemies on the stage. Download Relic Battle mod role-playing ancient heroes are traveling to ancient ruins to fight and conquer challenges.

How to Download & Install Relic Battle MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Onehit kill) for Android


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