Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG MOD APK 1.19.2 (Menu, God mode/Damage/Skills)

Posted 1 month ago by Thuỷ Dương
PublisherAsobimo, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/Skills
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Mod Menu
>God Mode
>Attack Multiplier
>Hit Area Multiplier
>No Skill Cooldown
>Instantly Cast Skills
>Increased Android Compatibility. Mod works on environments in which original Apk doesn’t.

Note: Some devices cannot run the mod properly. If such is your case, you are advised to play it on emulator or vm.

Enter an ancient world of magic and monster occupation in Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG. You will now be one of the brave people who use your talents to save people. You will freely use your skills to attack the enemy ahead with a third-person perspective. You’ll be able to fight individually with enemies on the game’s battlefields or team up. Matches with a large audience of players brought great competition. You will also be involved in the journey to gather resources from the battlefield and make weapons. Use your skills and reflexes to take down every opponent to protect yourself.

This hero role-playing game helps you communicate with like-minded players. The quest system will help you get experience and gold from interacting with NPCs. The game changes the plot based on the quests you complete and gives you a level up. You also have a chance to get high-level equipment and valuable materials from the pursuit. Or work hard to complete the task and unlock the achievements because your reward is well deserved. Your journey will begin when you choose for yourself a favorite character. Then, start playing the game with a tutorial on necessary functionality so you learn the best. Then, complete your first mission and explore the mechanics of the game.


Download Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG mod – Return of role-playing heroes

The game helps players role-play the heroes and fight each other in the magical world. Choose for yourself a class and join a guild to be able to interact with everyone. Bravely confront monsters everywhere and earn equipment from them. Rely on your best friend’s fighting ability to engage enemies on the battlefield. Craft a forehand weapon and upgrade them by collecting materials. You can also choose a way to develop your strength to become superior. Overtake others and return in the race of the most powerful heroes in this game.


Skill system depending on the character

Each of your heroes will follow a unique class, and your skills will also depend on your choices. For example, as you follow the melee class, a mighty gladiator will be spawned and controlled by you. Or you can choose to become a magician with mysterious spells and skills. You will earn skill points for yourself by completing quests from achievements. The character’s skill system is unlocked when you use skill points to upgrade. Attach your mastery skills and shortcuts and switch them dynamically. Distinguish between the character’s passive and active skills to avoid confusion in attaching skills.


Crafting and upgrading equipment

Your heroes will receive equipment that increases your attack and parry against enemies. Use equipment only for your character class and fight with others. You will fight easier with attack equipment, and defeating monsters will no longer be difficult. Obtaining weapons will not be complex when you meet and buy from people who sell them. They can also help you forge and upgrade weapons and many other functions. Adding fuel to weapons and equipment will help you improve them effectively. Collect evolution items from monsters so that your weapon evolution is not interrupted.


Hero guild

Players will gather and form a team of heroes to complete missions together. Explore dark dungeons to gain experience and share items with each other. Team members will not be able to get lost with each other because they have separate group symbols. Joining a party also helps members deal more damage to monsters and enemies. The attacking ability of you and your teammates will increase significantly when the enemy’s health is higher. The item drop rate from monsters will also be higher when fighting together. Conversations between you and other members also become more accessible. Share the benefits with others in the guild fairly.


Choose for yourself a character class with the best fighting ability of your own. Complete the tasks in the system to be able to receive equipment and combat weapons. Practice and level up to 10 fastest to unlock hero skills. Attach those skills to your skill box to be able to fight on the battlefield. You can get equipment by buying or completing your quests. Join a guild that gathers heroes for people to communicate with each other. Download Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG mod to gather heroes in your guild and fight each other.

Download Release AVABEL CLASSIC MMORPG MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Skills) for Android

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