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Updated 01/12/2023 (2 days ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Redecor

Being an interior designer is your dream? You love the feeling of decorating rooms with good items. In the most beautiful and luxurious way? Redecor is definitely a more perfect choice. Provide all kinds of furniture in life. You will be immersed in your own top-notch designs with great pleasure. Satisfy all customer needs. And make your dream of becoming a professional interior designer come true. Welcome to the world of beauty lovers.

Designed in a realistic style. Redecor not only owns all kinds of furniture. Made from many famous ingredients in the world of experts. It also guides you in detail on how to become a professional designer. Specifically, the arrangement of rooms for villas and motels. All types of modern buildings target the home environment. Will you meet the urgent needs of your customers? Or mess things up with a messy and unattractive design.

Redecor mod

Download Redecor – Take design to another level

You will stimulate your own creativity to make life more colorful and unique. Take on the best layout challenges from Redecor. From apartments, villas, or simply a lovely house. All will become a most beautiful and creative work of art. You will learn how to arrange objects from the first steps. Discover the design secrets to creating amazing scenes and effects. A selection of utensils with different colors will also create a unique style of your own.

Once there was fame and much praise. You will receive many jobs offers to design for many different places. With all kinds of architecture and style. Use your knowledge to make them shine. Each item is a soul and the designer breaths in. To brighten up the landscape of the entire area you are decorating. You can be said to be an infinite creator. Have the task of blowing their spirit and emotions into each interior.

Redecor mod apk

Design basic rooms

A basic design lesson is to start with the simplest rooms. It is the bedroom and living room in the house. They have simplicity and formality that can be placed side by side at any time. However, this does not make it difficult for experts. Just mastering the basic knowledge of colors, angles and layout can be completed immediately. Put the bed, wooden cabinet, sofa, TV, table… They are indispensable items in a living room and bedroom. Follow the rules of color combinations. Then move on to design the next rooms that suit your level.

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Learn more new styles

The interior design also has different schools. To express the individuality and emotions of the designers. As well as letting the context exude its true meaning and theme. Schools mainly emphasize color combinations. Change the position of objects, or decorate many special objects to create a distinctive feature. You can study in one or more different schools. When you have extensive knowledge and understanding, any school is not difficult for you. It is important to design the most personal and beautiful scenes for customers. More broadly than with yourself.

Redecor mod mod

Overcoming many intellectual challenges

Daily challenges of different styles will be your challenges. Each of these design puzzles will be programmed for you every day. With a name that shows the style and level required to be able to design. Placed in different rooms without any set of rules. You can tackle challenges that interest you. Show off the highest level of decoration. Upon completion, it will receive customer reviews and award prizes. Those are the basic daily tasks of an interior designer. It’s also very hard and sophisticated, no different from a fashion designer.

Redecor mod free

With that much information enough for you to understand how difficult it is to be a designer. Specifically, here is the interior design, the arrangement of objects so that it is reasonable. Coordinate their colors together intelligently. Or learn from schools to reconcile your own style. The road to world fame is really tough. But it’s not impossible. Come to Redecor mod to better understand one of these artistic works.

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Update to 2.33.1 ty!!