Idle Tower Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) 1.1.3

Updated 16/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameIdle Tower Kingdom APK
PublisherMyrolit Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Tower Kingdom

Over time, tower defense still proves it’s not a bad choice. If you do not have such thoughts, you can get acquainted with Idle Tower Kingdom. However, its name itself carried a non-tactical connotation. But believe me, this game is much harder than you think—still the tactics and thinking to fight the enemy. Still have to build towers to blow up enemies. This time Idle Tower Kingdom will clarify the details that we have wondered about for a long time. Improve the proud face of the tower defense gamer. Now, are you ready to be a true king?

From the available resources, you must create new powers. Adding them to the defense towers is more powerful. Monsters will increase as you get stronger. That is why the level of challenge will never stay the same over time. The stronger you are, the stronger you will have to be. That is the criterion that the Idle Tower Kingdom is aiming for. What will you do to be able to manage and protect the kingdom safely from evil monsters?

Idle Tower Kingdom mod

Download Idle Tower Kingdom mod – Tower defense in a completely new style

The empire you’ve worked so hard to build is on the verge of being threatened by monsters outside. A king like you cannot sit idly by such dangers. Fortunately, we have a lot of ancient power in our possession. They are hidden in alchemy potions of infinite power. They are the only source of power for you to defeat monsters. But the question is how to use them properly? Perhaps the most optimal solution is to upgrade the defensive towers so that they have the necessary power. From there, a real never-ending war began.

The defense towers are the only source of power this kingdom has. It is necessary to equip them with the most fearsome powers. Use money and magic obtained from alchemy potions. Craft unique powers for each tower to be able to confront a variety of enemies. Monsters in the game are also very diverse. If there’s only one kind of power, it’s definitely impossible to compete with. That is why there are many unique strategies born. Leaving a treasure of knowledge for you to expand your combat stature.

Idle Tower Kingdom mod mod

The power distribution of towers

Each tower will represent a different power. Some towers represent archers capable of ranged attacks. The Sorcerer’s Tower has the ultimate magical power. Tower gladiators are melee fighters capable of holding off enemies. A battle must use a combination of these defense towers. If there is only one type, it isn’t easy to achieve tactics and win. Their upgrade method is also completely different to separate into separate powers more clearly. Where to place them, how much influence depends on your own tactics. Do not waste any important strategic position.

Idle Tower Kingdom mod free

Add more external forces

Besides the defensive towers, there are still a lot of adding extra elements. Every time the match enters a dangerous situation, you can use wide-area skills as a temporary fire extinguishing method. Don’t look down on them because it could save you from that one loss. Magic fairies will help you collect many interesting herbs and artifacts to upgrade the tower. Create mythical stones to pass levels faster. It is because of such a variety of powers that players can build them slowly and comprehensively. Create towers of unbeatable power and great support elements.

Idle Tower Kingdom mod apk

Get rewards and level up

When achieving many high and respectable achievements, the game offers many opportunities to give you many valuable gifts. A unique kind of power that no one else has would be fascinating. And yet, the whole world people are still competing with each other. Do you want to join to prove yourself as a force to be reckoned with? Then don’t hesitate to enjoy the fun, competitive mode. Ascend to higher ranks. Let people look at you with an eye of admiration and envy. Then all valuable rewards will be in your hands. You can make more friends to play with, which is fun and unforgettable.

Idle Tower Kingdom mod apk free

The launch of Idle Tower Kingdom has proven that the goalkeeper genre is still very popular with many people. The proof is the success of this not-so-complicated game. Hopefully, in the future, when technology develops, we will have many more interesting games of the same genre. Especially attracting players and having a lasting value like Idle Tower Kingdom mod.

How to Download & Install Idle Tower Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android


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