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Updated 29/03/2021 (3 years ago)
NameRandom Card Defense APK
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Introduce MOD APK Random Card Defense

Random Card Defense is a game about collecting cards very interesting. This is a game of the tactical genre. There are hundreds of cards with many different powers waiting for you to discover. Coming to Random Card Defense, you will participate in the arena of extremely thrilling cards. Besides, the player can turn the cards into a mighty army. The game takes place with a fairly fast rhythm, requiring you to come up with the most suitable strategies. Random Card Defense will bring you many new friends. Add to that the fascinating battles. The game promises to bring players a sense of fun and comfort.

The game is created with a lot of challenges. The Random Card Defense mission system is always updated continuously. At the same time, the game is not complicated at all. You can set up your own deck of cards. Random Card Defense also has a lot of hero characters for you to collect. The game is built with clear 3D graphics. The image quality of the cards is meticulously designed. Music effects with rhythm according to each match. So the game will create excitement and authenticity for players. In addition, Random Card Defense not only has many advantages but also has many attractive rewards after winning at each level. If you need an even more explosive battle, check out Island War, or Game of Warriors.

Random Card Defense mod

Download Random Card Defense – The arena of cards

The developers of the game have been extremely creative when it comes to bringing cards into the arena. Random Card Defense is an arena that feels like it can be easily overcome. But the truth is not easy at all. Every player who experiences this game will become a talented strategist. Using your own intelligence to find a way to defeat the enemy. Not too difficult for you to grasp all the manipulations as well as the rules of the game. You will play the game in battle mode. This mode gives you 2 options. One is that you can play with your friends. Or you can choose random quick pairing.

Random Card Defense mod apk

Fight for survival

In this game, your main task is to collect cards. Then use the streamlined cards to build the most powerful deck. Finally, bring the deck to the arena to fight. Each card represents a character and a certain weapon. These cards have different strengths. When participating in the battle, the symbolic image of each card will transform into an elite army and attack the enemy.

Matches will take place with many challenges and difficulties. In order to survive, you only have to fight bravely. A match is divided into several rounds. What is important to your victory is choosing a general to run your army. Try to use up the special hero abilities available in each general. At the same time the combination of power combos between cards is essential. After each victory, you also have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards.

Random Card Defense mod android

Skills upgrade

In Random Card Defense, skill is the factor that you must care about first. Each card will have different skill attributes. This depends on the character in the card. There are some outstanding skills you will come across often. It is the skill of damage, splashing, targeting, freezing, attack speed, defense,… Every time you upgrade your cards, you have upgraded all the skills. included in that card. This upgrade determines the strength and the ability to win each match. To upgrade them you need to use gold coins. You can receive gold coins after you beat your opponent.

Random Card Defense mod download

Card collection

Random Card Defense has a huge collection of cards. It consists of 4 main types of cards. Specifically, common cards, rare cards, unique cards, and legendary cards. The value of these cards is ranked in ascending order of strength. The powers of the card are shown by the color of the gems attached to them. To collect these cards, players need to unlock treasure chests. Each time you open you will receive a certain amount of gold and a number of cards. These cards are played randomly. Try to collect as many powerful cards as possible. Because it can help you escape your opponent’s onslaught.

Random Card Defense mod free

With a new and interesting gameplay, Random Card Defense is the game that you should try once in your life. The game has vivid graphics and sound effects. You will have many quests to challenge yourself. Along with that is the opportunity to own a collection of unique cards. Download the Random Card Defense mod to participate in the fierce card battle. At the same time receive a large number of gold cups, money, and gems.

How to Download & Install Random Card Defense MOD APK (No ads) for Android


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