Raising Rank Insignia MOD APK 3.0.6 (Free purchase)

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NameRaising Rank Insignia APK
PublisherLucky Chan Games
MOD FeaturesFree purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The higher the rank, the more power you have in Raising Rank Insignia. Those are the privileges that the military has prescribed for everyone. So only intelligent people can bring their title to the top. A mind game that will make anyone need to be very careful. Face the enemy and use ingenuity to get a great advantage. If you can be a soldier, give it your all. There are always good places where you can use your agility to win.

To mention something simple and exciting, only puzzle genres can satisfy us. An intense joy as you make your most important moves. Include elements of military rank to make your goal. You will serve in it with intelligence, not with weapons. Like commanders are controlling soldiers on the battlefield. You can play for hours and never get bored. It is a good relaxation tool after we have been active and tired.

Raising Rank Insignia mod free

Download Raising Rank Insignia mod – Raise your rank higher

Joining the military force, you’ve got yourself a pretty solid footing. We will increase our level through wars with opposing forces. The game’s rules are pretty easy to grasp if you are a complete newbie. Just match the same cards in the shortest amount of time. Then whoever can finish first will be the winner of the battle. So it is essential to mobilize your forces smarter. After those battles, you will get points to accumulate when enough points are increased by one rank and rewarded. These bonuses allow you to buy a lot of exciting things.

Fight the bosses

Along with the badges collected, you will battle across the battlefield. But when the critical moment comes, you will have to confront the bosses. These bosses are the outstanding commanders of the enemy troops sent to destroy you. But, of course, their squad may be stronger than you. Make the steps so tricky that you just want to fall. To overcome them is to pass the aptitude tests. Allows you to advance to higher levels with never-before-seen strategies. Destroy all enemy commanders to get glorious feats for yourself.

Raising Rank Insignia mod apk

Collect badges

Each badge in Raising Rank Insignia has its effect on your squad. They represent actual combat units in real armies. We have tanks, infantry, and artillery, along with marines and marines. These units will be lined up in the order you want. When engaged, it will attack the enemy based on the pre-simulated stats. If you are quick enough, you can gain an advantage faster. On the contrary, it is straightforward to put your soldiers in a difficult position if you are not paying attention. Hunt for solid units that can increase your chances of victory quickly.

Raising Rank Insignia mod

Special skill

Special skills are like calling for support for yourself. When activated, it can disadvantage opponents or create advantages for themselves. We have incredibly destructive air support. Ammunition reinforcement allows you to increase your damage. Along with that are a few other things that are also quite effective after use. Use everything you have to achieve victory in Raising Rank Insignia mod.

Download Raising Rank Insignia MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android

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