Raising Archangel MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode) 1.1.30

Updated 18/03/2023 (12 months ago)
NameRaising Archangel APK
PublisherSuper Planet
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Raising Archangel

Conquer dark dungeons with your powerful party of angels in Raising Archangel. Evil forces appear in the world where angels carry out the responsibility. They were born with the task of protecting the creatures inside the world from potential disasters. So the bearers of these angelic powers will try to thwart any enemies. However, the enemies know this world is excellent under the protection of angels. So they have gathered in the dungeons and are ready to attack the planet. Join the female angels to use their divine power to challenge the dungeon monsters.

The angelic force had to act once again for everyone’s safety. Those who cause trouble to humans are the evil forces that appear in the dungeon. They arbitrarily attacked the world but received a humiliating defeat before the angels. But they did not give up their goal of conquering humans and created an evil plan. The enemies wanted to use their great numbers to suppress and defeat the angel. So the angels were forced to attack the dungeon before they could react. Enter the dungeon with your squad of angels and destroy the enemies intent on destroying the world.

Raising Archangel android

Download Raising Archangel mod – Fight with mighty angels

You will experience the feeling of fighting with the bearers of the divine power of the world. They are potent angels who can repel the invading forces of darkness. However, those cruel enemies gathered increasingly in the dungeon to fight the angel. So they need a guide to conquering the dark dungeons together. If the evil enemy is destroyed, the world of angels will be safe. But first, you and the angels must fight the challenges inside the dungeon. Fight against the evil forces in the jail and save the world from danger.

Raising Archangel apk

Rebel angel

The angels are required to take on the task of protecting the world from any danger. They were born with this mission and will stick with it until the earth is safe forever. Therefore, before the evil forces move, they are forced to find ways to cope actively. Dungeons under the command of bosses are gathering more monster enemies. If the angels did not take the initiative to advance, the world would be in a dangerous situation. But the angels still don’t have a leader, and you must take on this responsibility. They will rebel with you and take up arms to enter dungeons to conquer cruel enemies.

Raising Archangel mod apk

Angel’s weapon

You have become a companion with the angels to carry out the campaign to protect the world. The place where you and they enter are dungeons that gather many evil forces. And the angels were still very confident in their divine power to fight. However, facing them are a lot of cruel creatures, and you need to help them get higher power. Many resources exist inside the dungeons, and you can use them to create equipment. Angels will fight more resiliently if they possess powerful swords. Find the weapons and give them to the angels, so you and them advance further in the dungeon.

Raising Archangel free

Battle journey

Your journey with the angels will not stop at fighting. The world of angels also creates a lot of routes for you and them to explore. You can join them in the arena to test your strength before entering the dungeon. You can challenge dungeons if you and the angels are confident in your power. Or you can enter the infinity tower to find weapons for the angel team. Every journey needs the consensus between you and the mighty angels in the fight. Join the exploration of all the different combat journeys in the world of rebel angels.

Raising Archangel mod

You have joined the war between the angels of the human world against the dungeon enemies. They are a collection of cruel enemies preparing to attack the world of guardian angels. So the angel was forced to rebel and clear the dungeon to keep the peace. You are honoured to be the leader of the angel squad and will fight with them. Your battlefield and the evil forces are inside the dungeon, and you get ready. Prepare powerful weapons for the angels to wield and overcome the battle journeys. Download Raising Archangel mod to rebel with the angels and conquer the cruel dungeon.

How to Download & Install Raising Archangel MOD APK (Menu/Attack Multiplier/God Mode) for Android


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