Rainbow Story Global MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers)

Updated on 24/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameRainbow Story Global APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Adventure in a too serious and scary world can sometimes make you uncomfortable, so try Rainbow Story Global as a new option. Surely this game will surprise you with adorable images. The world in it is built highly pure. Bringing fun like cartoons for children. However, the difficulty is still something to challenge the players. Rainbow Story Global can be considered a perfect combination of worthy gameplay and graphics suitable for all ages. Now let’s dig deeper to know what it has.

The land of Tire is the symbol of Rainbow Story Global. In this world, the demon lord is spreading fear across the continent. Everywhere was filled with death and cold. Only Tire retains its beauty. From there, many elite warriors were born. They carry within themselves the noble mission of destroying the demon lord. Bringing happiness and life back to the whole world. Although knowing this was an extremely difficult task, the warriors were prepared for this journey.

Rainbow Story Global mod

Download Rainbow Story Global mod – The way to destroy the demon lord of lovely heroes

The combat system of Rainbow Story Global is quite simple. Sometimes you will not need to pay too much attention to it to focus on increasing the strength of the warriors. Your team and enemy troops will face off against each other on a 2D road. Even though the smartphone screen shows a straight road, there are many different types of terrain. Move the commander and unleash skills on enemies. Enemies will not stop appearing until you defeat them all. Boss battles will take a bit more time. But it all still depends on your team. After the battle, there will be a lot but rare items and weapons that are worth waiting for right in front of you.

Rainbow Story Global mod apk

Trade to get the advantage

You will do this very often in the game to exchange items. Exchange for materials or gold coins to use for other purposes. Because when fighting, the low-level weapons will drop so much that you can hardly imagine. Don’t leave them there, and fill your inventory if you don’t need them. Please stop by the market to exchange them for gold and other necessary ingredients. Depending on the quality of weapons and items, the corresponding materials and gold will be traded. Not only exchange for money, exchange with other players for good weapons. Of course, you also need to have something worthy. Make others accept their precious weapons.

Rainbow Story Global mod apk free

Provide fighting pet

Your team will not only have warriors but will also have the support of many lovely pets. They were born from a part of the magic. So bring a lot of special abilities to help you fight less difficult. Most pets are animals and possess unique roles just like their owners. Some species will focus on fighting and gathering resources for the whole team. The other role is to provide magical power. The ability to heal and create effects is also of a high level. Indispensable pet collection when on the battlefield. Once unlocked, find your favorite pet, then increase the number.

Rainbow Story Global mod free

Meet friends all the time

As an online game, Rainbow Story Global is never without other players. The world in the game is inherently very large; without the appearance of other players, it makes no sense. Make friends and get to know a lot of players, both new and old. Gain knowledge and instruct the players after you in a fun way. If interested, make an appointment to meet in many battles to increase the winning rate. The exchange of weapons and items makes both sides beneficial. Interacting with other players in the game is not always necessary. However, with Rainbow Story Global, it is essential. Don’t miss the fun time with your friends.

Rainbow Story Global free

Start your adventure now as Rainbow Story Global actively welcomes new players. Combat is not complicated, but it doesn’t feel boring either. Connect with players from all over the world. Collect cute pets to accompany you in battles. When participating in Rainbow Story Global mod for a while, you will forget about loneliness and lost. Friends are always there with you at all times. Along with the warriors and the lovely pure world. Who could refuse such a wonderful place to relax.

Download Rainbow Story Global MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android

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