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NamePujie Black APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The watch face shows the maker’s effort when there is a variety of details and beauty. Pujie Black will offer you you can do this on smartphones. Choose the design of the watch face on a mobile device. Pujie Black is a good application for you to use to decorate your smartphone. Swap out the basic watch with real-life luxury watch faces. No fancy design is needed, maybe just like your watch face. The closest combination to perfection.

Pujie Black supports all Wear OS smartwatches. When you choose to change the watch face on your smartphone, your watch’s display will also switch to that design. A decoration and change are too good, absolutely not fixed. You can even change them continuously from time to time. Instead, create a variety of watch versions to suit the circumstances of life. Or create a trendy and modern technology product you wear on your hand.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod

Download Pujie Black mod – Change watch face continuously

Not only templates are available on the interface. Pujie Black also allows you to design the watch face you like. This factor will be more critical on color than texture. Either way, it will stand out on the screen. That is the primary purpose of using Pujie Black. You have a library with dozens, hundreds of different watch face designs. The themes of the designs are not the same at all. So suitable for some jobs and places in life. Change the lock screen and change the style in a short time. Both are elegant, luxurious, and at times more personal and outstanding than anyone in the crowd.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod apk

Edit watch face

Now let’s dive into watch face editing. It’s not about changing the texture on it, but more detail. Pujie Black gives you the function to adjust the size and length of the watch hands. Or better yet, add a few small textures. Surely you will still know where the hour, minute, and second hands are. The movement of the hands of the watch will also be set appropriately according to your time zone. Of course, the direction of the intelligent watch hands is absolute, and there is never an error. Once you set the time, you won’t need to adjust it again later.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod apk free

Other Additional Tools

Not only the main watch face, but smartwatches also have a lot of different watch faces. It is intended to be used for various situations such as timer, stopwatch, heart rate, and body temperature, and even modern lines can contain weather forecasts. Pujie Black also changes the design of these watch faces. Of course, they will be the same version as the main watch face. Use your finger to touch the watch screen when you need to use other sides. You can also set up appointments inside so that it will notify you when it’s time.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod free

Widgets on the phone

Comfortable design on smartwatch faces, we can also display these watch faces on smartphones. Specifically, they will be treated like widgets in an arbitrary position you choose on the screen. Using it as the main clock of your smartphone is also very convenient when you need to perform complex operations. No need to use intelligent watches with small screens anymore. Do it right on your smartphone so they can be linked and saved to the watch. Two products that can make your work and life much better.

Watch Face Pujie Black free

Change your smartwatch face with different styles and distinct themes. Proving that you can still make a splash with the sophisticated design of Pujie Black mod in any appointment, situation, or event.

Download Pujie Black APK for Android

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