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Updated 03/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameAuto Change Wallpaper APK
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Introduce MOD APK Auto Change Wallpaper

Auto Change Wallpaper MOD APK is an ideal choice for users who do not like the fixation but prefer to frequently change the home screen’s appearance without changing the wallpaper manually. For those who find it challenging to choose, deciding which image should become their mobile phone wallpaper is sometimes tricky. So instead of having to think and choose a headache, now users can set all their favorite images as wallpapers with Auto Change Wallpaper. The program that automatically changes the wallpaper allows the user to add an unlimited number to his screen, and every time after a certain period, the phone wallpaper will be changed to a new image.

For Auto Change Wallpaper to change the wallpaper automatically, users must create folders containing many different images and specify which folders should be used as wallpaper. Also, specify the display time of each wallpaper based on your preferences.

Auto Change Wallpaper mod android

Download Auto Change Wallpaper MOD APK – Watch the change of phone wallpaper

Android mobile phone users can now automatically change their desktop background with the help of the handy Auto Change Wallpaper app. An application that delivers an experience that is always innovative and meets the aesthetic needs of all users. This application provides an extensive image library with thousands of delicate, distinctive, and diverse themes and styles. However, users can still upload images from the device gallery or any Internet source. Another feature of Auto Change Wallpaper is the ability to set the wallpaper to change automatically over time or to react to specific events. This means that the device’s wallpaper will automatically change with time or the user’s interactions on the screen, such as double-tapping the new wallpaper.

Auto Change Wallpaper mod apk free

Change the wallpaper with the built-in photo folder

By selecting a folder containing photos available on the phone’s internal memory, Auto Change Wallpaper will immediately start scanning all photos in the folder that the user has selected. The scan will be performed quickly and efficiently, then all the image files in the folder, including hidden files and those found in subfolders, will be collected By this app. It will store all that has just been collected in a single facility. This database is what Auto Change Wallpaper relies on to randomly change the wallpaper on the user’s phone, creating a new experience and feeling every time the user unlocks the screen because the user will not know which wallpaper will appear on his phone screen next.

Auto Change Wallpaper mod

The set time interval for wallpapers

Auto Change Wallpaper’s automatic wallpaper change duration can be customized and scheduled according to the user’s wishes to bring freshness and change the atmosphere to the phone space. Users can set the wallpaper to change automatically at a predetermined interval, such as once per minute, once per hour, once per day, or once per week, using the built-in timer application availability. This keeps things fresh for users and ensures that the workspace is constantly changing, helping to reduce boredom. In addition, the Auto Change Wallpaper MOD APK automatic wallpaper switcher can also be adjusted, allowing users to choose from the collections provided by the application or upload a list of photos they want.

Auto Change Wallpaper mod apk

Search and download photos from Flickr to your device

Auto Change Wallpaper allows users to search and download photos from Flickr quickly to enrich the selection of wallpapers. Therefore, users can search and select lovely photos to include in the album for the “Automatically change wallpaper” section of the application. Users will first need to access Auto Change Wallpaper on the device, then scan the menu or main interface of the application to find the option “Search and download photos from Flickr.” The program will launch the browser with the Flickr search interface when the user clicks on this option. Next, users can freely search for photo themes they want to set as wallpaper in the browser, download the images they like and create their collection as a database for Auto Change Wallpaper.

Auto Change Wallpaper mod android free

Auto Change Wallpaper MOD APK gives users a great mobile experience with a fast and varied automatic wallpaper change feature, allowing them to enjoy new wallpapers whenever they turn on their phones.

How to Download & Install Auto Change Wallpaper APK for Android


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