PUBG Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil) 2.9.0

Updated 10/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
MOD Infomation

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* Simple features *
- Esp line
- Esp box
- Esp skeleton

* Additional features *
- Show health
- Show names
- Show enemy distance
- Show team/players id's

* Help features *
- Enable grenade waring (Mod will tell you when grenade is shooter)
- Enable draw location radar

* Game world features *
- Enable vehicles drawing
- Show vehicles fuel
- Show vehicles health
- Show vehicles distance
- Show lootboxes and airdrops

* Tools menu *
- Invisible bots when esp
- Hide esp when recording

* Items menu *
- Show weapons
- Show medkits
- Show armor
- Show backpacks
- Show ammo's
- Show vehicles tools

* Silents menu *
- Enable (Turn ON/OFF Using aim)
- Aim type :
• Auto aiming
• Silent aiming V1
• Silent aiming V2
- Aim position :
• Headshot
• Bodyshot
- Aim trigger :
• When shooting
• When scoping
• Universal mode
- Use aim with :
• Draw circle
• Distance
- Recoil compensation (Slider)
- Prediction (Slider)
- Draw circle size (Slider)
- Draw corcle color (Additional hex page)
- Visible checking
- Ignore knocked enemy by aim

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Slow download speed?

Install and set up the settings, choose one of the 2 options as shown below, then turn on the connection and then perform the download again.

Cant login when using MOD?

  • With Facebook, you just need to delete the Facebook application and then go to the game to log in again.
  • If you sign in via Google, you need to Root. (Not recommended)

Banned for using MODs?

Using the MOD can get you banned, which is something you have to accept with some online games. However, you can use a secondary account or play multiple accounts side-by-side with Parallel Space Pro.