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Updated on 01/03/2023 (4 weeks ago)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money.
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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[PROJECT: OFFROAD] is a game for you to improve your driving skills with innovative terrain styles. Players are exposed to uneven roads. Your driving ability may not be sufficient to complete the vehicle through the game. Not only is there a variety of terrain, but you are also blocked by many obstacles. With hundreds of different levels, you have to overcome countless challenges to improve your car control skills. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] does not have to take you to secluded lands, mountains, rocky slopes. The artificial terrain and many obstacles bring you countless surprises. Let’s start the challenging road experience with the latest models.

Off-road driving has never been easy. The driver must use all skills to make the car go on the right trajectory. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] has many different driving modes. You can control the car freely or according to the limitations of the game. The higher the difficulty, but if you still pass it, it’s like proving your level isn’t bad. The developer’s design has been very carefully calculated. Even players with Offroad experience cannot complete the levels here. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] is for those who want to raise the steering wheel and enjoy dealing with a variety of terrain.


Download [PROJECT: OFFROAD] mod – Driving challenge for players who love terrain

[PROJECT: OFFROAD] gives players a new driving mode. Instead of rolling on flat highways, you need to bring your vehicle to the finish line on a road with difficult terrain. There are 3 options in the game for you to have a chance to challenge yourself. Free driving, terrain and terrain type included required. The difficulty level may make you afraid to choose but [PROJECT: OFFROAD] always gives players more experience after each challenge. The slope is filled with obstacles, sharp turns, or something in the game your obsession?


250 different degrees

[PROJECT: OFFROAD] is a game with 150 different difficulty levels that each player needs to overcome. Passing the levels players will have a different experience, each of which requires you to handle a smart and precise way to bring your vehicle through safely. In each level will bring your car to different spaces with many challenges. When you pass the levels, you will have more new skills to put your car through obstacles easily.

Map & Quests

[PROJECT: OFFROAD] is a colourful space with many different landscapes. Players are immersed in the colourful natural scenery. Each of your trips is a variety of landscapes passing through rich scenes that make your trip more fresh and enjoyable. Your mission is to drive your car to move on bumpy roads or through puddles without danger. When passing obstacles you need to use them in combination with other vehicle tools such as brake to observe the road so your car is safe and continues to advance to new levels.


Control system

The steering wheel, gear shift, accelerator forward and reverse are the things that make the car roll. You must adjust the angle and force when you step on the gas to ensure that you can overcome the toughest terrain types. While driving the vehicle, [PROJECT: OFFROAD] allows changing the observation mode easily. Having a good vision will be an advantage for players who do not make wrong decisions on the game screen. It’s best to be careful in each situation. Take the car to the finish line with your excellent driving skills. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] does not require the player to be fast, it is important that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the game.

PROJECT OFFROAD mod download


[PROJECT: OFFROAD] allows players to choose from a variety of vehicles. They all have the advantage of moving on difficult terrain. But you need some money to afford the entire car in the store. However, apart from the distinction based on appearance, there is no other way. They are not named specifically, GameDVA.com doesn’t understand why the developer ignored this. Even if I want to introduce you to a few outstanding models, I don’t know how to describe it.

Customize your car

Players are allowed to change their cars such as paint new colours or replace a few other small details. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] largely depends on how you control the car to create unforgettable gameplay. A beautiful car is just an extra element, it cannot change the outcome of each level.


[PROJECT: OFFROAD] is a simulation game for different vehicles. There you can experience and control your car through many terrains. You will hone your driving skills to overcome obstacles with many different levels. Players will be immersed in the trip with many colourful terrains and spaces. [PROJECT: OFFROAD] will bring you many interesting things, becoming the driver of the car to overcome all the difficult obstacles.

Players will control the car by driving the steering wheel to move the car through obstacles to immerse themselves in a challenging ride. You will move the car through many spaces, to move safely, the player needs dexterity and overcoming obstacles in a smart and flexible way. Download [PROJECT: OFFROAD] mod takes you to space with many different experiences to help you have more exciting driving experience.

Download [PROJECT: OFFROAD] MOD APK (Unlimited money.) for Android

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