Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School MOD APK (Free Premium choices) 3.1.11

Updated 14/10/2023 (6 months ago)
NameNerd’s Guide to Surviving High School APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School

When you don’t have too much faith in girls or are really depressed because your lover just broke up with you. Come to Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School. A popular dating simulator game has been around for a while. The extremely charming girls in Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School will draw you into their own story in this game. You won’t need to find a girlfriend in real life. I was just joking now, but you absolutely can experience Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School because it is a real game.

To reduce the title is too wordy, in this article I will call the game Nerd’s Guide. Based on a plot of other dating simulation games. You will play the role of a guy with many events in his life. And find a whole new life through many in-game events. You will get to know the girls on behalf of your friends. Going through their own stories together and creating a certain affection for each person. Gameplay is familiar with lines of dialogue and options for you to entertain gently and relax.

Nerds Guide free

Download Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School mod – Create romantic stories

You are a really lonely guy on his own terms. No one cares and talks to you during your time at school. The last thing you can decide is to join the school club. With a little hope will be able to socialize and get along with friends. Things are still not getting better. Until then your teacher decides you must join all the clubs in the school to make sure you find one that is right for you.

After a while searching and joining many places. You are currently a member of a club called Fixers. Joining you are three girls with three completely opposite personalities, and neither one is suitable for someone like you. Your core mission is to chat, share, and build relationships with all three. Nerd’s Guide has a fairly simple Gameplay mechanism when you just tap the screen with all the actions. You can experience them for yourself because it is so simple.

Nerds Guide mod free

Learn about new girls

We have 3 characters representing 3 opposing personalities in Nerd’s Guide. The first was Nazuna, the head of the Fixers club, with true adult manners. Although there is a bit of a secret that is unknown to us but above all, a dedicated and passionate person. The second is Misa, a genuine Tsundere (a term referring to someone who behaves coldly on the surface, the inside is very warm and kind) but still wants to be close to everyone. Except she will always keep her distance when talking about you. Finally, Rinko, a girl who will catch your attention. Very sweet and open-minded, but sometimes so enchanting and charming.

Nerds Guide mod

Interact with characters

Each character has its own difference in appearance and personality. But they all have one thing in common: focus attention on you, a shy introverted guy. As the main character controller, you will get to know them one by one. To learn more about themselves. The stories behind them and the reasons they give you such interest. Each of you will build a romantic relationship with you. Along with more intimate gestures. You can hold hands, hug or kiss the person at certain stages in your relationship.

Nerds Guide mod apk

Make the right decisions for yourself

The gameplay of Nerd’s Guide includes only 2 parts: dialogue and selection. You will still cycle through the dialogs on the screen by tapping on them. As for the choices, they will appear when the characters ask you something. Or ask you to suggest a solution for any one thing. You will consider carefully selecting the answers that have been given. Each time you choose an answer, the story course will be changed to suit the decision you have chosen. There are answers that seem harmless but will bring immeasurable consequences. Be very careful when choosing your answers.

Nerds Guide mod apk free

If you really enjoy dating a virtual girl on a smartphone screen. Nerd’s Guide will be an extremely enjoyable experience and worth a try. With pretty and detailed anime-style graphics, soothing music will make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. But also be careful with the indignation of the girls. If you are ready, download Nerd’s Guide to Surviving High School mod now to date with beautiful girls.

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